Samsung Galaxy S6 vs. S6 Edge vs. Apple iPhone 6

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It’s a Battle of the Sixes in this triple-threat smartphone matchup. Is the Galaxy S6 the first great phone of 2015? Or will the iPhone 6 reign supreme? Let’s get it on!

23 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S6 vs. S6 Edge vs. Apple iPhone 6

  1. i really liked the iphone 5s… but the 6 and 6s are just crap comparing to other phones!
    mediocre battery life
    mediocre camera
    combined with "nothing" extra (when every company is throwing in everything they have to offer such as fastcharge, superior screen technologies, superior cameras, pens, value…) Apple is really lagging behind and i honestly have no idea why you would pick either iphone 6 or 6s over "the likes" of GS6.
    the only reason could be the OS (which is a point of personal preference) which i wouldn't think iOS has anything over android except its superior stability
    and you can't beat android cameras (or lumia cameras for that matter!)

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