Samsung Galaxy S6 vs LG G3

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Just a year ago, the LG G3 was a new smartphone that seemed mighty impressive with its hardware parameters and attractive design. And while the G3 is still a great phone, the new Samsung Galaxy S6 is in a league of its own…

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46 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S6 vs LG G3

  1. This September, my g3 conpletes 2 years without giving me a thought to change my handset. Great job LG. have been running behind samsung till s4, then with Xperia till Z2. Each one of them made me switch withing 5 or 6 months maximum. G3 is handset made to please you.
    of cause, it heats during low energy (when browsing or gaming below 20%), had to change the camera cover for the scratches it got (about 5 dollars for a spare one) but no more hassles till date. Looking if they give marshmallow update to this gem, so i can buy a new G3 again after few more months.

  2. I had the g3 for 9 months and it got very hot very quickly and something died and i needed to sent it to repair i have had really bad experience with this device
    I have the s6 for a month now and it is so much better

  3. This guy is a retard, lg g3 is AT LEAST as good as S6, this guy just feels the need to say S6 is better cause its more popular and twice as expensive. He comes up with total bullshit like ''they're both really good but the S6 is a little better to a certain degree in specific areas'', like what the actual fuck? are you kidding?

  4. I like the heaviness of the S6, I've gotten used to it. But it's a bitch worrying about the glass on either side of shattering. Sure, get a protective casing but then you're just hiding the build. My G2 never had a case for two years, only tempered glass protector, and people noticed it and complimented it (weird I know) since they've never seen a phone with buttons in the back.

    The S6 crashes the OS a lot, apps freeze/crash or both, and this is on a daily basis, hour by hour.

    My G3 will be shipped this week. May not buy a case for it.

  5. I have had the LG G3 for 3 mos. and I like almost all about it.  My two complaints are 1. I live in Canada and my phone won't work with Qi charging.  I bought the cases and charging pads but then learned that all the Canadian carriers are using PMA or Powermat.  2. While the camera works well, the resulting pictures look flat or washed out.  If anybody knows what I can do about this, I would be grateful, although, I don't think anything can be done.

  6. Comparing the S6 vs the G3 likes comparing the GTX 960 vs the GTX 980, considering the price difference. You, reviewers on the YouTube land should take price of the products into consideration when comparing them. Talking about 'bang for buck' the G3 beats any phone out there at the moment :)

  7. i m going for G3 its available in cheap price. around 350$ in Pakistan whereas, S6 available for 500$ no need to pay double price for not so impressive small screen. Samsung plays through its media launch and teams. they project and pretend their devices as if these are top of the world

  8. i have the g3 and one thing i noticed is the terrible viewing angle it has no anti reflect control and light tend to bounce off the screen and blind me not matter what angle i look from..anybody else have this problem?

  9. i think considering that the g3 is a year old and you can pick up for less than most mid range phones and its still a monster and a strong rival for brand new flagships after all this time is pretty impressive. hat tip to lg from me

  10. My LG G3 running android 5.1.1 is KING of the hill! I have a few phones, and it is a pleasure to get away sometimes from touchwiz! LG G3 is about as vanilla as they come, and that's fine with me! The lock screen is the killer, it blows anything I've had away! There are applications to help put apps on the lockscreen, but nothing like the G3. If you love music as I do, then G3 all the way!

  11. I have a s6 edge and I came from the g3. S6 is the greatest thing I've ever bought and I'm so pleased with it. G3 was buggy and overall a lot worse. S6 is phone of the year

  12. I don't know why he says 6s is better looking scientifically speaking the lgg3 has more benefits and better material uses more up to date material
    Ps. See on comparing parts
    Pps. Google

  13. Lg screen had more accurate color by far over the saturated colors of the amoled displays so I think that's not correct when you said s6 has the better color reproduction…but yeah I bought mine today my g3 white from verizon 😀 I guess I'm joining the club peeps xD

  14. Why compare these two? LG G3 vs Galaxy S5 is a far more accurate and interesting comparison – and I think the G3 should win as it only costs about £225 off contract, while the S6 costs twice as much.

  15. This guy is the most terrible reviewer ever. Guy sucks apples cock all the time. Its like a phone can be 3 times more powerful in everyway than an iphone but he still says the iphone is better LOL. apple cock sucker

  16. I get the point of the video but this is still a no brainier. Essentially the price of the LG G3 is ranging from 2/3 to 1/2 the price of the S6 depending on where you get it and whether its the 16 GB or 32 GB version. This is for specs and output that is about 90 to 95% as good as as the S6 and an OS that is less imposing and annoying as touchwize. On top of that you can get way more accessories, more forums for any troubleshooting needed, more types of roms available (if you root it) and just more options to do more with this phone (like replace the battery and add more memory which is huge for extending the life and use of the phone). To finish, the LG G3 is a great phone and for its price right now you could not be getting a better bargain for a true flagship phone.

  17. The S6 is not as half as good as the LG. #1 it's body is almost identical to the new i-phone. Glass front & back machine drilled speaker holes etc. If u want your picture color turned up looking almost cartoonish then stick with the imitation i-phone (S6) If u want a realistic picture go with the G3. The G3 is as quick & responsive as the S6 If not quicker. Samsung over charges while Lg doesn't. Also Samsung has stole a lot of Lgs customizations resizable keyboard etc. Lgs just as good if not better. Try the G3G4 like me & you'll never look back 

  18. I'm looking at my LG G3 right now and regret it so much!! so much diseases on this one. for example – keyboard won't open until you need to restart the phone. there are many more. i would switch back to my Galaxy S4 anytime!!

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