Samsung Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6 – Speed Test & Benchmarks

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What’s the faster smartphone iPhone 6? or Samsung Galaxy S6?

More info on the iPhone 6:

More info on the Samsung Galaxy S6:

More info on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge:

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34 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6 – Speed Test & Benchmarks

  1. Honestly i have alot of respect for apple, their hardware is exelent, the fact that it has soo bad parts but yet almost make it up there with the s6, is really amazing. Their hardware is great. If the iphone had the same parts as the samsung it would completely dominate it. I feel like samsung is really just a bunch of good parts put into a phone that has pretty crappy software. And i mean software is half the phone, anyone can just go ahead and buy a bunch super good parts and make a beast phone out of it. But apple has put an incredible amount of work into making every line of code just pure amazing. I must admit tho, it is quite overpriced.

  2. Iphone is better if you have bought an samsung s6 on the beginning is it fast but if you have it 1 year it way way slower and if you have iphone 6 its almost the same and i have an samsung btw im not apple fan but im saying what is better and if you have an iphone 6s is really faster then samsung s6 edge so probably apple is better but android is a little bit beautifuller

  3. I've owned iPhone 5 for half a year, i was pleased with the phone, it didn't lagged or stutter. Before that i was using Nexus 5, Blackberry Q10, Nexus S, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S2, Galaxy S etc. From my experience i had some lags on Android but not that significant that i cant handle or mind. The think with owning the iPhone was that i always get new updates and my device always was if not better well it was more smoother. Now i am considering if i should buy the iPhone 6 or the Galaxy S6. its like i want to own an iPhone but i don't want to throw allot of money just for a phone. I can buy new Galaxy s6 for 449 euros while the iPhone 6 at 549 euros. I need help if some one is willing to help me :)!

  4. I don't understand why do you compare devices which running completely different operation systems? Android is heavier than IOS, so its need more powerful processor … I thing the choise for phone depends more on what you going to do with it… i wrote programs for both IOS and Android and personaly I prefer Android, because its open system (More freedom and control over the hardware) , but I thing everybody can agree, the IOS is faster OS with less bugs, but closed. My point is there is no point making a performance test on devices which running different OSs… if you check the hardware, Samsung S6 is much much faster …. if you check the software IOS is much faster than Android. At the end both of the phones are great!

  5. Apple is trash, no emulators (GBA, SNES, GBC, PS1) Not As Much Customability Options, Most Items On The App Store Costs Money (Google Play Is Better) Camera is Noticably Better In Most Envirmonts, Has Mobizen( A Recording Software That Requires A Decent To Fast Phone To Record 1080p 60fps Videos On Mobile Without Capture) Samsung Pay, Allows You To Scan Credit Cards With Phone (Apple Later Copied This) Google Is Much Better Than Siri. Just Because It's Apple Does'nt Mean Anything! So You Apple Fanboys (And Girls) Stop Saying Apple Is Better. Samsung Is The Best!

  6. Both are good but the galaxy was slightly faster so why did the review say the opposite to what the video shown, PS Battery life and price are about the same but android is open and a lot more flexible, its quite an achievement to not only keep up with restricted IOS but to actually be slightly faster too.

  7. OK in this test the S6 got more ticks than the iphone (and has a much higher resolution screen), surely that makes it the winner in real world tests doesn't it? Count the ticks again.

  8. doesn't change the fact that android is shit. sure in some cases the s6 is faster in some cases but before no time at all you'll see that apps on the s6 will crash and restart every god damn 2 seconds while on the iPhone 6s you'll never see an app do that ever

  9. so basically the iPhone 6 and the galaxy s6 are equal with speed.

    now we factor in the better camera the better battery life the better multi-tasking the customizable ability and everything else and we determine that Samsung is obviously the better phone

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