Samsung Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6: Comparison

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Review is coming very soon along with all the dogfights you’ve been waiting for! Today we pit the Samsung Galaxy S6 up against the iPhone 6 and see how these two compare to one another. Both are built with premium materials like aluminum and glass and both have great looking displays but hardware wise, these two are vastly different. iPhone going for the less is better while Samsung going for the more power is better philosophy.

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45 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6: Comparison

  1. The iPhone 6 is the ugliest phone ever!! It has the same specs at the 5s… Man Apple stop releasing the same phone every year!! I'm saw itching to the note 5 when it comes out! Can't wait

  2. honestly this wasn't even a comparison video, to me it just sounded like "hey the iPhone is life and the s6 looks nice with some ok software"…..honestly both phones are great but the s6 has much more functionality and power to handle bigger tasks than the iPhone…also if this guy was smart he would know to switch off wifi calling to bring battery status back up again on the s6, it's a problem that was solved a while ago and he still doesn't know about it lol, but then  again like i said it wasn't a comparison to begin with.

  3. Apple's new iphone looks similar to the old version because this kind of feature is not requested sexually harassment on the apple and samsung in built quality samsung is better than apple also in low quality samsung better than apple samsung sexually harassed I phone because samsung launches its smart phones in low price than iphone & iphone is 60 % expensive than samsung devices this is a sexual harrassment to other brands because apple launches cheap phones in pensive it is a far better ass

  4. It's not the look of the iPhone it's the software in it you may think the iPhone 5s is nice but software wise the iPhone 6 is faster and has a A8 processor chip which the iPhone 5s has a A7 chip there for iPhone 6 is faster 

  5. As soon as saw that Marco was conducting the review I knew would be gushing with iPhone Glory. He mentions nothing about on device storage, battery charging or camera capabilities. Completely glossed over that.

  6. I don't care if Samsung borrowed some ideas from other companies. I know for a fact that I am looking at a Samsung device. Apple i6 borrowed Antenna design in Aluminium chassis from HTC One and no one even mentions that similarity. They probably breached a patent design of HTC doing by copying the design.

  7. "Eats up too much ram". What is ram for? To be used. I can't stand when people complain about ram being used. Its like people want 1.5 gb on standby for some weird reason.
    S6 > i6 in pretty much every category.

  8. it's not Samsung softwares fault Android in general Android has a huge memory leak issue and nature of Linux means you're going to use up a lot of your RAM then you add the skin on top of that

  9. I find it strange how the iPhone comes out, then almost a year later, the next Galaxy comes out with similar functions and looks… But Samsung claims they didn't copy…??? Samsung, your not fooling anyone.. 

  10. Is Touchwiz really to blame for lag or is it Android Lollipop? Even Vanilla Android is not very well optimized compared to iOS & Windows. A lot of the random stuttering, glitches & app crashes are being experienced on all high end Android devices. Even the M9.

    It makes no sense that a phone with that much power would stutter while opening the app drawer or flipping between home screens. I don't think defaulting to blaming Touchwiz because of its performance in the past is fair. Google hasn't done a great job of optimization either. They deserve some of the flack too.

  11. I say the Samsung S6 is better. I phones look almost the same design and the home screen too. The specs on the iphone6 is terrible but the Samsung s6 is top class. What I hate most about iPhone is the rip off prices. With the money paid for iPhone you can buy a better phone and cheaper . 8mp camera on iPhone is trash.


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