Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Apple iPhone 6

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The two giants of the smartphone world go head to head once again in this detailed look at the Samsung Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6/Plus!

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Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Apple iPhone 6

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49 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Apple iPhone 6

  1. Well if not for Gates in 1997 i dont really know what would have happend to apple. In 1997 he gave jobs 120+ million dollars to apple because it was struggling. After that they both had a bond. But if not for B.Gates he wouldnt have had this fight

  2. The thing I hate about android is that you can be the cleanest android user and only download 1 app or something but outta nowhere, your space starts getting filled up then you gotta go get a clean app to clean all the junk…that's my only problem with android

  3. Both of phones are crap comparing to my white Nexus 6 with 6 inch 1440p screen and 4 core cpu and wireless charging, released back in 2014 it still way better than icrap, look at now Nexus 6 look like – way better than Apple

  4. Its funny how much hate people put towards iOS, you like android, good for you, not need to be a jerk and go all nazi on iOS users.

    Its also funny how most of the android users are hating the iOS users, while the iOS users dont care that much.

  5. Anyone experience hairline scratches on the home button of GS6?, also it has like a spot or a stain in the middle of the home button when in different lighting condition..

  6. You know what guys? Apple is full of business.. I hate it because even the music are for sale.. They're getting the money away from the users and that's awful.. I Don't recommend you to buy apple because you'll empty your pocket if you buy apple products. Sorry apple.

  7. So my galaxy s4 has seen better days and I'm thinking about getting a new phone. Which one should I get? I know how to use both phones and now I'm having trouble trying to figure out which one I want.

  8. Just stating I've actually had both phones I own the iPhone 6 now and I can say that the battery life is definitely better than the S6 no means does that make me a the s6 a bad phone

  9. People are literally fighting over a tiny rectangle that does stuff. Like seriously any phone will do as long as i can get on the internet, play games, text, and listen to music. That is it nothing else to it but you dumbfucks buying phones for hundreds of dollars is just fucking retarted

  10. iPhone 5 is better than any galaxy Phone. This should be an obvious Win, iPhone 6 will destroy the upcoming Galaxy S7. And the iPhone 6S is ten times better than the Note 5. And at least Apple doesn't give shit phones. Galaxy S6 $500? iPhone 6s $650, yeah more money but better options,battery life,Camera,OS etc. Don't get the Galaxy S6, get an iPhone 5/5S/6

  11. I have used both android and ios before. both great operating systems with huge potential. but personally I'd pick android. I just feel like I have more freedom and could do so much more

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