Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Apple iPhone 6 : 30 Reasons Why Galaxy S6 Is Better Than iPhone 6

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24 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Apple iPhone 6 : 30 Reasons Why Galaxy S6 Is Better Than iPhone 6

  1. samsung just has to copy apple dont they.. the ear buds look like apple ear buds.. the front and back of the phone is like the iphone 4/4s (which is old news) and the edges of the phone look like an iphone 6. even how you unlock the phone by finger printis like the iphone 5s and the 6, 6 plus. before you had to swipe down now you just do it the same way apple has done it for 3 years now! hahaha. nothing orignal on the design.. xD and samsung users try to dis apple.. but yet they are copying apple? lmao like gtfo dont dis apple if all you ARE USING what looks like an iphone 4 and 6 then dont dis apple people lmaoooo! they even copied where the head phones go and where the speaker is.. and you cant take take the battery out.. go figure! hhahaha have fun using an iphone 4/4s and iphone 6 with apple earbuds people! ;)

  2. All of this guys information is incorrect. First of all, the Galaxy S6 isn't iP67 rated anymore, and both phones are branded. Don't you see that big ass Apple logo on the back.

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