Samsung Galaxy S6 is cucumber-cool and built to covet

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The slim, gleaming metal handset gives the iPhone 6 and HTC One M9 a run for their money.

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30 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S6 is cucumber-cool and built to covet

  1. I'm sure this comment feed will be loaded with comments from Apple and Samsung/Android users. No company is original they all copy ideas from each other! The fact is nothing can really be innovative these days besides possibly the look other than that unless a company discovers a new metal type that has crazy battery life.

  2. The buttons, new metal design, and charging and speaker ports look like the iPhone 6. And the alpha also looks like this and the iPhone 6. Both came after it. The new finger print reader is also very similar.

  3. I actually do not like the look of this phone. To me, it looks like Samsung tried too hard to make the phone look "premium" but rather made it look just ugly.

  4. So… Cnet gives praise to Samsung for something Apple has had forever but when they review apple it's only negative words coming out of their mouths… And we're sheep?

  5. I think Samsung made a right choice, ditched sd card and removable battery. Now it's look gorgeous I totally ok with it.
    Sd card is what drag phone down and make it lag because of lower IOPS rate and lower data transfer rate compare to internal storage and Nowadays we could substitute it with good USB OTG (I used SanDisk Dual 32gb btw) and Home network file sharing on NAS or on the Cloud.
    Removable battery is also unnecessary for me as you could always find place to charge a phone wherever in office or in your car and if you have to go on long trip, Battery pack will be much more convenient because you can continue using phone.

    Ah.. OKaaay!  Let's be honest…… I just want an iPhone that run android…and Samsung…. does this…. Perfectly..!! XD

  6. Good review.
    Atrocious vocal fry.
    I wonder what Samsung is doing?  No new smartwatch?  
    I have an S4 Active and would rather update to the S5 (except it needs a micro USB charging port that doesn't need a plug to be waterproof … Sony can do it; so should Samsung.
    Anyway, my concern now is a larger phone (6 inch) with larger fonts and the pinch-zoom whole desktop function like Mac OS X … phone fonts are getting to be very high resolution, but insanely tiny point fonts … minuscule icons … not good.

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