Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Water Test – Secretly Waterproof/Resistant?

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Water Test – Secretly Waterproof/Resistant?

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Water Test Waterproof/Resistant with a Drop Test and Scratch and Hammer Test. Up next and tomorrow is a Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Edge vs Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 6 Plus – Full Comparison!

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46 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Water Test – Secretly Waterproof/Resistant?

  1. this is bullsh*t is trusted him with my personal phone by trying to take a picture of underwater but putting half my s6 in the water and my phone became fully unresponsive

  2. people forget that when you place a phone in a bowl of water, IT'S NOT MOVEING so water isn't really trying to flow through the phone. if you truly want to water test a phone, dunk it in water and move it around e.e I jumped in a pool with my s6 edge and due to MOVEMENT water got into my phone and fucked it up. that phone is only lasting as long because it's stationary in still water. e.e

  3. all of yall saying this is a joke its not i have a samsung galaxy s6 edge and i droped it in datona beach in the water could not find it for around 3 minutes and it works perfectly fine…so btw its probaly just the way you droped it ?

  4. u just lying
    i have galaxy s6 edge plus and other s6 edge
    when i saw this video i trusted that nothing is gonna happend i put it in the water
    after 1 second its done i lost it for nothing??

  5. THE FUCKEN WORST PHONE EVER!!!! well the back is broken FUCKEN SHITTY SAMSUNG MADE GORRILA GLASS ON THE FRONT BUT NOT THE BACK BULLSHIT AND THE BACK THEY MAKE CAN'T BE THE ORIGINAL ONE!!! the back broke easier cause it was just glass. BUT… the backs they give you are glass but it chips. It doesn't like crack the back just doesny hold the glass peices come off the glass. when I first bought it I thought it was a great phone a lot of good reviews. I bought it new with box on ebay for Christmas and it was $630.00 BULLSHIT PHONE. So I wish I saved up for the S7 edge but yet it never came out so that was the latest version of samsung. FUCK SAMSUNG THEY JUST WANT TO MAKE IT CHEAPER!! IF I WAS SAMSUNG I WOULD PUT GORRILA GLASS ON THE BACK TOO

  6. I just dropped mine on the toilet, while it was on. I pulled it out and immediately turned it off. I think I'm sucked when I try to turn it back on. It will be broke I'm sure of it. I'm so mad about it, I think I'm gonna lose my contacts too.

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