Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge vs iPhone 6 – Full In-Depth Comparison

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Here is our Full Comparison video between the Samsung Galaxy S6 vs the iPhone 6.

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More info on the iPhone 6:

More info on the Samsung Galaxy S6:

More info on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge:

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50 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge vs iPhone 6 – Full In-Depth Comparison

  1. I want to get a new phone but can't choose between these too. I am currently iPhone user, but Samsung has better camera & storage but i have most of my music on iTunes & Love iMessage. Any help? Let me know

  2. An apple fanboy doing a comparison. Like many have pointed out, i'm not sure what he meant when he said that Samsung has copied the design. I have both the phones, the S6 blows the iphone outta the water. I like the apple interface and the simplicity but when it comes to raw power and appeal, the S6 wins hands down.

  3. This guy is obviously an IPhone guy.
    All he kept saying is "it's kinda sad how…"
    First off when the IPhone started to finally upgrade because Android was so far ahead of them they decided to put there power button the side (like android)… the camera on the s6 edge is damn good and doesn't look bad in a light area. Outdoors the phone display is very clear I don't have a problem taking pictures and I'm always getting complements on my pictures because how nice and sharp it looks. The finger print scanner on the home screen I have no trouble with it regardless of what phone you have the scanner will miss your phone at least one time and as for the finger prints left on the back of the Samsung you can always buy a clear protector so you don't get finger prints on the back. I've dropped my phone plenty of times already and I have yet to shatter the back of the glass of my front. If your going to compare phones don't start talking down on one because your a certain kind of user. Samsung was ahead of iPhone before and iPhone finally started to go far. I had iPhone users tell me that the Galaxy edge is a bad ass phone when I let them mess with it. If you compare the two phones there both great my sister has an iPhone (actually thinking about switching to Galaxy) my battery last along time and I can be on it all day thats one of the things I love about it as well. 

  4. Everyone Shut the fuck up Apple was better !! Samsung was a button phone when iPhone came out ages ago the first touch screen phone , Samsung made one after so Samsung is shit and BTW Samsung Galaxy edged came out after iPhone 6 so obviously they tried to make it better!!! Dog worry iPhone 7 will blow you mind 

  5. The. Problem is samsung crashes and has problems …..always has as I have had many of them and they all suffer the same fate …I'm not a iPhone fan but iPhones are definitely more reliable and if you want something just works then get an iPhone 

  6. Oh yes Samsung, keep on arguing. Remember who made Samsung change their design? The Original iPhone. Who copies iPhone 5 and 6? The Galaxy Alpha and the Galaxy S6. And oh yeah, since iPhone was released, Samsung Galaxy S1 has the camera on the side just like all the iOS Devices.

    Samsung, get a life. Stop copying.

  7. Samsung phone can be better since you can send an instant message
    when you're in danger I mean you can send instant message by pushing the power button three times

  8. The only gripe i have with my S6e is the camera lense sticking out. Why not just pack a fatter battery for A) a totally flush experience on the back, and B) longer battery life.
    Not that the S6e has bad battery life, in fact the best ive ever had with a sub 3000mAh battery

  9. 4k is cool but I don't even have a 4k TV so I'll stick to the iPhone 5s until it stops working and when my tv brakes I will get a 4k TV but by then I'm sure the iPhone 7 or 8 will have 4k as well. The Samsung is nice but I like apples eco system better. 

  10. In my opinion, the S6 edge looks way classier than the ugly 6 plus. Plus, the S6 has a much cleaner look. Honestly, I don't get the hype about the iPhone. It's sooo boring to use and the home screen looks ugly. But that's just opinion.

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