Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge VS iPhone 6 – Full Comparison

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How Does The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge VS iPhone 6 Compare? Camera, Speed Test, Battery & Features Review. Which Is Better? Which Should You Buy?

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38 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge VS iPhone 6 – Full Comparison

  1. I cant say nun kuz i like both apple & samsung, but im switchin to a samsung galaxy s6 edge because i dont wanna b waitin on the iphone 7, which will b im switchin to samsung for a while

  2. I've had the s6 edge for a while now and all the features that come with it like ultra power saving mode, split screen, and even the edge screen thing are completely useless. This thing lags like crazy. I've always been an android guy but I think I'm gonna try out the iPhone next. Even though on paper the s6 edge is better I just feel most apps are built with ios in mind then are ported over to android. iphone 6 coming in mail in a couple days so I guess I'll just see for myself.

  3. Tried to stay objective but couldn't seeing as the S6 edge overpowers the iPhone 6…it's stupid how people only spend hundreds of dollars on Apple just because it's cool to have them when it's obvious Samsung is the best choice.

  4. I Love both phones, i haven seen plenty of videos about these mobiles.. but i dont know which to buy
    i think Galaxy S6 has a better camera and i want a phone which can take AWESOME photos and making videos BUT..
    I have doubts about the BATERY and OS.. i think IOS can be better than ANDROID, but IDK!
    and the batery i think both are like EQUAL
    what do you guys think? which smartphone should i buy?
    BOTH are nice, don't come with fanboy coments please

  5. Everyone don't hate me for this but i do think iPhone is better i think it looks better and it is more durable (what do you expect with the screen on the edge of the S6) it is simpler and it crasges WAAAAAAAAY letter

  6. I have them both and they're honestly as good as each other, in different ways (although I have the iPhone 6S).

    They both feel refined, sleek and elegant, although I find the Galaxy's glass back makes it feel much nicer in the hand. The edge screen on the Galaxy is an added bonus and doesn't detract from the experience at all, although I tend not to notice it much any more. People looking over my shoulder occasionally say how cool the infinity pool effect looks as the icons scroll to the sides to which I say "oh yeah, that… it does look good".

    The real difference is iOS versus Android which is an age old battle. Is the comfortable, simple-to-use, 'it just works' iOS better than the highly customisable, more open, computer-like Android? Again, they're both as good as each other, in different ways.

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