Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Tips & Tricks

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Do you have a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge or are planning on getting one? Well check out our tips and tricks to help you get started on using your new phone!

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39 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Tips & Tricks

  1. Quick question to anyone i have an Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge unlocked that im currently using on ATT network and I wanted to know how video calling work. I went to ATT site and it says its only available for GS6 Active, GS7, and GS7 Edge. Will it be a future update or is it strictly for those devices only.

  2. I buy samsung galaxy s6 edge, after updating software unlock effects not showing in LOCK & SECURITY tab, how to get back this option. PLS solve my problem >>> THANKS <<<

  3. Help.  How can I set my edge to announce the sending of text messages aloud? My previous android can do this and it is great for in the car so I can hear who send me a text message without looking.

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