Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Review!

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Best deal on Galaxy S6 edge here! What does this curved variant have to offer over its flagship sibling and the other competition? We find out, in this in-depth Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge review!

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43 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Review!

  1. I currently have the iPhone 5s very old I know! I'm due for a upgrade and really like the look of the Samsung 6 edge. What tips would you give for changing from Apple to Samsung ?

  2. Quick question to anyone i have an Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge unlocked that im currently using on ATT network and I wanted to know how video calling work. I went to ATT site and it says its only available for GS6 Active, GS7, and GS7 Edge. Will it be a future update or is it strictly for those devices only.

  3. The only thing i greatly dislike about the s6 and s6 edge is the battery. MAYBE when Marshmallow is installed it may help, since it has focuses on doze and app standby. If those do not massively improve it i will be almost willing to get the s7 edge as I've heard you can get 6 hrs of on screen time even with higher than average use. But other than the battery and a some freezing her and there i really love the s6 edge the edge features are a bit gimmicky tho beside the night clock.

  4. hi guys,please tell me if i can install some s6 edge original firmwares on s6 edge copy? i cant put link now,but it is mt6797 decacore 2.5ghz cpu,and the rest is the same as original s6 edge

  5. Sorry, a lack of expandable storage is always going to be a deal breaker for me. I have a lot of use for expandable storage. It's just way more convenient for me. It's a shame too, it's so beautiful.

  6. 11:10 it has nothing to do with the post processing. The time exposure once you take a picture is totally different from the filming specs in the view finder. You get the same results in EVERY single crappy phone out there.

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