Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus vs iPhone 6 Plus

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We compare the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus / S6 Edge+ with the iPhone 6 Plus in this vs head-to-head, two phablets with the best-in-class specs in their respective camps – iOS and Android. The S6 Edge Plus wipes the floor with the iPhone 6 Plus on spec alone, but usability of iPhones never fails to impress, as does design. How do the two fair in this side-by-side? Check out our full video to find out and fire any comments or questions in the text box below. Oh, also SUBSCRIBE IF YOU LOVE BTEKT!

26 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus vs iPhone 6 Plus

  1. Watching this on my brand new S6 Edge Plus. I've been an iPhone user for 7 years. This phone by far is 100x's better than any iPhone. If you want a smart phone, then get the S6 Edge Plus. If you want a phone, then get an iPhone.

  2. please check iPhone 6s+ VS Huawei Mate 8 VS Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Speed ​​Test run-App Internet speed and amount of battery consumption in run mode Gaming and Comparison!????

  3. I getting a new phone next week. But I'm torn between i phone 6S plus and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge plus. I'm currently using my Samsung Galaxy S4 and I had a few bad experience with it because it often crashes. Most people are saying to me go buy an i phone, it has better software and protects you from viruses. Even though I said i wasn't going back to Samsung, i really liked the look of Samsung S6 Edge plus, I think Samsung has improved themselves.nd i phone 6S software looks amazing. All it matters is me picking a right one that I'm going to be happy with, as it is a two year contract I'm taking out. What I hear from somebody that S6 Edge Plus saying it's cheap, flimsy and battery port breaks easily. And with the iphone too many restrictions. So decisions decisions. :/

  4. You need to record which is faster in real-time which turns first example which is faster to navigate which opens faster the camera, which camera is more stable, the comparison you do not work

  5. I just was reading a review on apple and samsung, and boy are there some true haters out there for samsung and some real apple brown nosing ass holes reviewing samsungs so called flaws, basically samsung are a massive threat to apple and its iphone so they resort to paying off press and the like to do there dirty work for them, as you can see with your own eyes the samsung design team have done a beautiful job on the edge 6 and thats that really, nuff said. Its all about choice and i dont want to live in a world wherd theres nothing but apple or even samsung phones. But if it was uo to apple every darn human would be a cloned apple head! lol

  6. +Niya Remains the iPhone copied Samsung with the "plus" name. There has been an s4 plus, s5 plus, and now s6 edge plus. Typical Apple stuff though.

  7. I got the s6 edge gold and I love it but I'm used to the note big screen so soon I found out s6 edge plus is coming I order mine plus is 4 gb ram and faster charger..can't wait to get it tomorrow. Samsung. phone ever…

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