Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge first impression

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Today I had the chance to put my hands on the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and I tell you what: It’s a great device.

The design is really cool and I love the bended edge, but what really impresses me about this phone is the camera.

The camera is really fast when taking pictures, faster than any other camera phone I have tried up today.

The quality of the image, the lack of compression artifacts, the ability to smoothly go from dark areas to bright ones is simply unbelievable.

And the optical stabilization is astonishing. I made some test following a person and it seems done with one of my gimbals.

This is it for now, in the next few days I am gonna properly test this camera and then I’ll share the results with you, as usual, so keep in touch.

All the best.

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