Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Battery Tips & Tricks!

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5 tips to improve the Galaxy S6 Edge’s battery life. Read more:

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47 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Battery Tips & Tricks!

  1. I've done all these tips and more and still I'm losing about 10% an hour, even when not using it …..galaxy s6 battery life is really disappointing

  2. thanks for good tips android authority.
    I have samsung s6 ( not edge) facing battery drain problem. while sleeping with wifi on but without receiving any calls and without turning screen on, battery drops by 30 % in 6 hours. is it normal with s6 or my handset is having some problem?
    please others also mention thr experience about standby and usage time.

  3. Sure, there was a bit much repetitious moving of hands and sound/video leaves a bit room for improvement, but the tips were good and presented in an efficient way, as in no babbling on about irrelevant stuff, no getting lost in side tracks and no vast pauses thinking about what to say next. I found several of the tips useful and they inspired me to find some other settings to change too. Thumbs up.

  4. Turning off fast charging increased my battery 10 folds. It still charges the exact same speed but lasts longer for some reason when fast charging is turned off. Weird. But works. Try it. 

  5. Awesome video dude, easy to follow and on the point. I will say that the echo was a bit annoying when you were in the room, but apart from that, brilliant! Hope you make more videos for the channel.

  6. WARNING: Be warned that the fast charge feature is burning up accelerometers in the S6E, causing the screen to no longer rotate. I had my first S6E for two weeks without using the fast charger, and the first time I did, it was toast.  I got online and noticed tons of similar complaints. If this happens, it will require you to swap out your phone for a new one since it's a hardware issue. Hopefully Samsung will push out an update and I can return to fast charging, but until then, I would highly recommend staying away from this feature by using a standard charger.

  7. I hate it when people suggest dimming the screen for better battery life. You spent a small fortune on a smart phone with a beautiful screen only to dim it so much that everything looks dark and murky. You might as well go back to using a monochromatic screen. 

  8. I gave S6 beauty a 1 week test drive going to stick with S5.
    S5 provides Strong build quality , long battery life , Removable Battery , SD Card & the very important ip67 rating.
    GS6 on the other hand provides none of the above.
    Yes its a pretty device but really , You end up putting protective case on & beauty is no more.
    Its display res & chip power is over rated , there's no major OS performance increase found side by side with S5 in real world use.
    Yes S6 camera is win but is it really worth loosing everything S5 provides?
    I think not.

    Anyway now to my tips & tricks
    Tip – Skip S6 save 900.00.
    Trick – Install S6 wallpaper gallery on your S5 then put case on device &
    All your friends etc will think you own S6 lol

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