Samsung Galaxy S6 (Edge) and HTC One M9 Specs, Features, and More

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Both the Samsung Galaxy S6 (Edge) and the HTC One M9 got announced today at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona!

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For full specs and more info, see the links below.

Samsung Galaxy S6 (Edge):

HTC One X9 hands on and first impressions | MWC 2016 | HTC One X9 Full phone specifications

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HTC One M9:

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact. Честный обзор о компактном флагмане.

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Many more videos and reviews for both devices coming soon.

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24 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S6 (Edge) and HTC One M9 Specs, Features, and More

  1. What happens when the battery dies in the S6 or Edge after your warranty is void? It's a racket not being able to add your own external storage…. I was a Samsung fan, oh well… 

  2. With the basic storage now at 32gb and the rise of cloud computing I think SD card is becoming less and less needed so its okay for it to go. Still having one is not a disadvantage. The HTC M9 looks ugly to me and its very boring, if the only reason you chose it is cause of sd card then that's just a stupid move, btw that's the only advantage it has over the S6. 

  3. Fantastic review and dedication to the removable memory. Personally I'm equally dedicated to the removable battery. I believe there is going to be a long time of punches at apple.

  4. Hey Tim, have you found any info on whether Samsung will make the s6 version of TouchWiz available to other models like the Note 4? Think this would be a huge missed opportunity of they didn't.

  5. to be honest both kinda disappoints me in some way.
    a) i was hoping htc would release a bigger m9 (a plus or prime maybe), i hav a love for phablet phones and been waiting for them since m7, one max failed me cuz of the older processor when they launched it…

    b) i tot this time s6 may actually get my attention with the aluminum back cover and edge etc, but…. seriously…. no sd card slot again….? din htc m7 made an example of that? larger internal storage with no external storage = disaster, if u forget to backup and something happened to your phone

  6. I really don't understand why so many people are so upset about the One M9 looking the same as the M8. Every other year Apple releases an iPhone that is physically identical to the previous year's iPhone, and no one has any problem with it. Why? Because they release beautiful, well designed phones, so they don't need to redesign them every year. The same goes for HTC. The M8 was arguably the most beautiful and well made phone from last year, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that the M9 would follow in its footsteps. 

  7. I'm willing to bet that Samsung will price the S6 with $100 separating the different memory options. Why? Because that's what apple does, and if apple does it then Samsung ALWAYS follows suit. 

  8. I dont understand why companies always omit to included important features like Samsung no SD card support and HTC no optical stabilization, what's up with that? Is that laziness or dont give a fuck type of thing. Both devises are great, but neither can give me what I want. Will stick to my note 4

  9. Samsung going for the big dollars by making 3 different internal storage sized phones.  I guess theyre saying "if Apple can do it, we can do it too".  We'll see.  That's a huge gamble, I think.

  10. I'll be going with the HTC M9, although might consider the S6 after I've watched a load of reviews of both phones over the coming weeks. 

    While Samsung have listened to comments and gone down the premium route (which I must say is great, the S6 and Edge both look lovely in terms of design) they have taken many steps back. 1440p makes no difference to a small phone screen at all, HTC have been clever enough to realize that 1080p is all you really need on a 5 inch screen. The only way 1440p is future proof is because it will appeal to consumers who are not tech savvy. So HTC will probably have to give in with the M10 (or 11) and unfortunately go down the 1440p route, hopefully they will have figured out by then a way to keep battery use efficient. I think battery being drained due to an unnecessary and high screen resolution will be Samsungs downfall here and it will be interesting to see how it copes.  

    Other problems I have with Samsung is the Apple route they are going, customization has been limited with the S6 and a lot of the visuals have been 'dumbed down' and the removal of a microSD will put off a lot of consumers who like the freedom of additional storage and even little bits of the design scream Apply copycat, just look at the bottom of the phone… If they carry on this kind of style it might get to a point where people will ask themselves if they're paying for an Apple copycat why not just buy an Apple phone and get the real thing? 

    HTC One M9 does have its downfalls, the software for the camera seems to be lacking currently, although with HTC stating an update will be coming to fix the camera problems I will wait for a final judgement. The design is still great and still appeals to me (yeah it looks like the M8 but hey, that design was given loads of awards and praised so I cannot blame them for keeping it). That goddamn ugly black bar with the HTC logo is still on the front too, I was hoping they would have figured a way to move the components inside and remove the visual black bar within the past year. Although the black bar does appeal slightly smaller than it was previously, for now I think that's OK, although if they do the same next year I think they could be in trouble. There is a higher demand for no black bars or bezels to be seen on phones. In a year I think it will be a standard across the board to see little to no bezels on major phones. If HTC don't join that they will quickly have phones that look outdated and put off consumers.  

    Regarding optical image stabilization too, it's not that necessary for any camera. If anything it's just something nice to have. Depending on what updates HTC have in line for the camera software, it will either come to that optical image stabilization is not needed at all, or if the software isn't all that great the lack of optical image stabilization will be a problem in low light conditions. Fingers crossed these updates make the camera a worthy one. 

    All in all I'm swaying more towards the M9. The one single thing that I do love about the new S6 is wireless charging. Although I think I could do 2 years more without that, it's not completely necessary at this point.  

    Looking forward to seeing your reviews of both phones soon, Tim! 

  11. No SD that's very upsetting.
    This means I will not get it.
    I will wait for something better.
    Even if I have to wait another year. 

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