Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. HTC One M8: Full Comparison

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Here it is, the full comparison between the Galaxy S5 and the One M8! Two flagship devices from Samsung and HTC.
Let me know what you think!

Table of Contents:
00:47 Boot up test
01:33 Design/Build Quality
05:35 Specs
05:53 Screen
08:22 Camera
10:46 Call Quality/In call
12:31 Battery
13:58 Sense vs. Touchwiz
20:08 Gaming
26:47 Final Thoughts

HTC One M8 Video Camera Test:

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Video Camera Test:

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31 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. HTC One M8: Full Comparison

  1. I have issues with my s5 power button when i put it in my pocket i acidently hit the button and wile im walking around its in my pocket opening apps by the way thanks for a great review on both and i can tell you im swaping my s5 over for a htc m8 today


    I sid 6 hours extensive research on both phones, both had slight good and bad points.

    I went into optus shop to test both of them for a full 20 mins each playing with camera, basic apps & speed testing.

    S5 within first 20 mins:
    – straight away had slight lag tryng to change between the apps and using internet, contacts and message.
    – Camera was sharp, very quick to adjust but no major, major different to the HTC. (was better though) 
    – Light weight, felt cheap & cartoonish
    – Great, simple interface

    – No lag at all, very smooth change between the apps and using internet, contacts and message
    – Camera was slight slow to adjust, but very good picture for basic camera.
    – light weight as well, felt solid & professional
    – Great simple interface

    I ended up getting the M8 for a change of phone and within the first 5 hours i loved the experience of HTC, very good peformance & an enjoy experience for HTC one M8. 

    The S5 is more of a childish cartoon type phone that has all the fun gimmicks & small extras, HTC is a very very simple straight forward business looking phone that focuses on what you need without all the extra apps and over crowding. 
    Im not putting down S5 at all, its personal preference after being with samsung for years and the difference & feel of the M8 is just fantastic. Battery life is very good, and i mean at low use your looking at easy 2 days & 1 night.  

    No arguements, very close competition, i wanted a change a so far very impressed.


  3. I have s5 and it runs good with me all that talk about s5 is wrong it is fast and full of option the camira is fantastic but after playing a little bet in options it gets better the gaming on s5 is too fast there is no lage and thx but of course there are a better phones but for me s5 is awesome 

  4. HTC One M8 is fuckinngg BEAST, the best phone which have been ever made. Samsung Galaxy S5 has awful design and in the future time it starts lagging a lot. Samsung made step back with that phone, reallly dont like it. HTC God of Phones. 

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