Samsung Galaxy S5 vs HTC One (M8)

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The battle of 2 of the best Android phones of 2014? Samsung Galaxy S5 vs HTC One (M8).

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46 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S5 vs HTC One (M8)

  1. All you fuckers saying the camera on the M8 is not good do you know that it's one of the best realistic image you get on a smartphone and why are they competing against the metal against cheap amoled plastic

  2. Just curious so checked this out. I am/was the owner of the acclaimed M7 and,at first, loved it. This was my first smartphone and I was really impressed with the technology and the capabilities of such a small device. Cell phones sure have advanced.
    However, my feelings changed when my camera caught the horrible purple bug that plagued this model. Basically, turned my camera into junk. Needless to say I was and still am pissed over that whole abortion.
    That a tech company could let such a massive mistake slip into production seemed ridiculous. I didn't like how it was handled either with HTC obviously trying to downplay the situation as hordes of customers began seeing this crop up.
    We were left among ourselves to figure out what to do with rumour and inuendo being the solution. Will there be a software update to fix it? Was it even software?
    Who really wants to send their phone off to get repaired and have to re install everything? Of course many, including me waited for another solution. Not to mention the horror stories of people being stonewalled by the service department with allegations of "water damage"(what I swear is just a manufacturer loop hole to void warranty) and being given a choice of paying hundreds or ridiculous shipping fees.
    Bottom line? That experiance made me hate HTC. Which is sad because I really liked the phone but the frustration seeing everyones great shots while mine were noisy pink bloody messes was infuriating.
    I couldn't even do a simple online sale post without having to go through another camera and a huge hassle transfering images etc to post a simple ad! The thought that this could be so easy had my damn camera work only ground salt into the wound.
    Fast forward to today and HTC was not even in contention(never will be) I am now the very happy owner of the best tech I have laid hands on the awesome LG V10! Now THIS is a smartphone. Its simply works and does so fast and with quality. Its just so intuitive and a multi task machine despite the fact I am no power user the second screen is so handy as I can quickly check the time w/o waking up, phone a friend w/o leaving a video, its so much more than a gimmick. The sound quality is what sold me to begin with having ESS Saber DAC and amp. There are stand alone DAPs that cost nearly the same. The camera is unbelievable, and I haven't even explored the manual options. The Q Slide thing again is brilliant and familiar windows style option…really smart software. This thing has so many features that I actually use its crazy.

  3. You guys talking about camera as if your photographers the m8 cam more than efficient. The m8 is the best operating device period. Go buy a cannon. I want the best smart phone not a dumb phone with a good cam

  4. When you compared the speakers, you had the S5 lying on its speaker, so it sounds muffled, but you left the speakers on the M8 up. That's unfair in my books, or handicapping.

  5. The only things what caught my eyes on the M8 are the front facing speakers. I could care less about the metal body of the device because I'd use something on it because of the scratches, but if I choose the S5 I won't use a case just a screen protector.

  6. In stuck between these two and the G3. Maybe not the G3, get super hot, random screen and connection issues… The S5 has that odd throttling thing going on if it gets remotely hot reducing performance… M8 camera I guess I could get over but they all have flaws. What do you guys think??

  7. The M8's camera is a little bit of a slouch but I like the phone's movement sensibility. Another thing is that metal is nice but I would put a case on it so then it wouldn't matter. The GS5 is waterproof and is the phone of a person who wants full capability.

  8. Samsung s5 is amazing with not only its multi tasking, but it has a great camera, great color, now dont get me wrong i do think the plastic is a downfall, but it doesnt make it a terrible phone. Samsung s5 has a ton of great qualities and its dust resistant and WATER PROOF. Team samsung s5 all the way.

  9. i have both phone…and i think i love m8 than s5… for those who like to take selfie, the front camera of htc is totally awesome! although i hate the fact about the 4 ultrapixel camera, still, its a good pixel to upload in facebook n etc… i also got lagged sometimes with s5… humm

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