Samsung Galaxy S5 | NormaRom S7 Edge Port (NEW)

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Samsung Galaxy S5 | NormaRom S7 Edge Port (NEW)
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Main feature:
●Based on s7 edge official rom
●Floating Message With MM icon
●S7 Edge SystemUI
●S7 Edge Settings App
●S7 Edge Lockscreen
●S7 Edge Sound Alive
●S7 Edge Samsung Music
●S7 Edge Samsung Video
●S7 Edge Samsung Game Launcher & Game Tools
●S7 Edge Advanced Features
●S7 Edge Galaxy Apps
●S7 Edge SideSync
●S7 Edge Clock App
●S7 Edge Calculator
●S7 Edge Launcher
●S7 Edge MyFiles
●S7 Edge S Voice
●S7 Edge Sound Recoder
●S7 Edge S Health
●S7 Edge Phone and Constacts App
●S7 Edge Smasung Email App
●S7 Edge Flipboard
●S7 Edge Samsung Pay
●S7 Edge Smart Manager
●S7 Edge Gear Manager
●S7 Edge S Browser

32 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S5 | NormaRom S7 Edge Port (NEW)

  1. doesnt work for sm g900p. after flashing my screen stayed on the Samsung Galaxy S5 boot screen for close to an hour with the notification light staying on. Am I doing something wrong?

  2. Tried a version of this rom on T-Mobile it was great but love my finger print so for now I am rooted with custom recovery on 6.0.1 until this or another one like it is fully working then I will flash it cause I like the themes for sure

  3. you lie. .. i downloaded the rom.. i tried to turn the hotspot on. the button turned on. but the hotspot did not. i rewatched your video. there was no hotspot notification in notification bar. wasted my time and data

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