Samsung GALAXY S5 advanced TIPS & TRICKS, Helps [Part 1]

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iPhone 6 tricks!
The all new Samsung Galaxy S5 features numerous hidden gestures, features & tweaks and it’s hard to find out all of those. In these special ‘Tips & Tricks’ tutorial review series, I have explained each and every features of this phone in details so that you don’t miss any amazing feature of this Galaxy S5.

Just like the previous Samsung phones, Galaxy S5 sports fancy features like fingerprint scanner, heart rate monitor, download booster, private mode etc. This video series will familiarise you with all of those features with explanation. Hope you will enjoy watching this video review.

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Short specs pf Galaxy S 5
5.1″ Super AMOLED full HD display, Quad-core 2.5…

34 Comments on Samsung GALAXY S5 advanced TIPS & TRICKS, Helps [Part 1]

  1. What sud i do to enable the camera shortcut on lock screen and to enable one hand operation even though i;ve switched on to those functions but it doesnot work plz reply me as soon as possible

  2. great video, but did anyone else notice that strange fly-like-thing crawl across his desk under his hand @ 2:26? tripped me out.. I thought it was on my screen lol

  3. Thank you so much for this video…. this is some great information! I would really like to see a video that shows how to utilize all of the camera's functions. There are so many setting options and I'm sure I could be doing much more with my camera than I am currently doing.

  4. On the s3 you could hide who messaged you by just making it say received message instead of it displaying your whole message on the lock screen can you do that on the s5? If so how? 

  5. Hi sukesh, I'm from New york and I'm using At&t version of galaxy s5. I dont see the sfinder and quick connect options in the notification panel when drag down. Please let me know whether I need to enable option to see these shortcuts in notification panel. Thanks. 

  6. I have Note 3, I am waiting for Note 4, but one thing that annoys me on my Note 3 is when I press the button to wake up the phone it sometimes takes like 1-2 seconds and I have done everything to make it as fast as it could when wakening up, when I press the button to wake it up I like it to be fast like on the iPhone 5. Now I don't know if when you press the button to wake up the S5 I don't know if it's faster than the Note 3 when you wake it up but I would as imagine that on the Note 4 when you press the button to wake it up then it will take like 1-2 seconds like the Note 3. When I press the Button to wake my phone to wake it up when the specs like the Note 3 I expect it to be instant like every single time. So I have made my choice, I am going to pass on the Note 4 and go for the HTC One M8. I have only had my Note 3 like 6 months sadly and I don't know when I can upgrade. I know it's a tiny reason but like I said when I press my phone to wake it up I want it to be instant and My Note 3 takes like 1-2 seconds so that's why I am going to go for HTC One M8 when I upgrade

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