Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Sony Xperia Z

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It’s Samsung’s best going head to head with Sony’s best. Here is the Samsung Galaxy S4 vs the Sony Xperia Z.

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40 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Sony Xperia Z

  1. I'm using Xperia Z for more that 2 year. My phone is still on android 4.4.4 which is rooted. I removed all unnecessary apps, installed audio mod which improved the quality and volume level on all audio outputs(loud speaker, earpice, 3.5mm jack, Bluetooth). The screen is gorgeous. I wish it was an IPS LCD. The battery life is quite impressive. I get almost 4 hours onscreen time per day using data(3G). The phone is great overall. Since I bought the phone Sony released Xperia Z1, Z2, Z3, Z3+. Soon I might upgrade to Z5. btw for those who complain about the viewing angles of the screen I can say all that is b******t. This phone was the best in the world when it was released in 2013 January compared to other devices from that time.

  2. I love Sony Xperia, too!  It's so sleek and water resistant.  Forget about Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone!  Sony will always be my most trusted Japanese brand ever! Sony Xperia is improving and getting better and better!!!

  3. I have the Xperia Z and my partner has the S4. We both purchased them both around same time almost 2 years ago. The build quality of the Xperia Z can withstand the test of time as it has a better battery life and still performs very well. The Samsung has already had the battery replaced twice and still needs charging twicea day. The phone tends to crash or freeze more than it did in its earlier stages. The only negative thing I can say for the Xperia Z is that the back glass panel is fragile and can crack easily. I would recommend some form of phone cover. Also to maintain the waterproof ability in the long run, try and purchase magnetic docking station chargers. Constantly taking of the seals for charging can effect the seal.

  4. " might get a """few days""" on a single charge on S4"  Are you kidding me ??? I browse the web on minimal brightness for 10 minutes and it drains 20%. WTF is that SAMSUCK ?? This phone is crap, I regret buying it ! Even S3 battery lasted way longer.

  5. Just got new Samsung Galaxy, Daughters works with crack over face, scratched my Experia with screwdriver point  right on the edge getting it out of its cover POW, instant disaster, let the air out, depressurise and it is virtually unusable, Son manager to get codes sent by text to activate new phone but it was a close call, nearly had no access and no chance of recovery as old phone needed for activation, Be carefull with Experia, construction not sympathetic to damage, probsably a legacy of waterproofing.

  6. I went from a plastic case, simple LG Optimus Sol to Xperia Z recently. And I can say I am still not fully used to using it 😀 A lot more features and a lot more complicated overall :s But I am in love with it. 

  7. My S3 has had issues for a while.  I have tried multiple car chargers and none work, yet they all work on my sister's boyfriend's S4.  The notification bar on my phone will flip upside down (battery percentage and date will be upside down and flash) and then it returns to normal.  The battery life is awful, and I bought a new battery, but that did not fix my problem.  With a full charge, the phone is dead in 3 hours.  On the charger, it will say 89%.  I unplug it and 5 minutes later, it says 94%…huh??! If I could at least plug it into my car, it would not be an issue, I mean, I could at least cope, but if I am on a road trip and need the GPS, I am SOL!

    I am going to backup my data and do a factory restore, but if that does not work in resolving my issues, I am seriously considering the Xperia Z, which comes out to about $10/month for 24 months with T-Mobile, versus the S5 which is $31/month for 24 months.  If this phone is as great as it seems and all issues have been resolved with the software updates, I would not be surprised if it's comparable (or even better) than the S5.  I have to say I am disappointed, because my HTC G1 (the first Google phone ever made) lasted me about 5 years before the keyboard broke and it became obsolete.  This S3 is slightly over 2 years old and is already problematic.  

    Do you think this is a wise choice or would you shell out for the S5 (or another Android phone) instead of the Z?

  8. Galaxy S4 have issue with batteries. When you charge it with genuine Samsung charger it just swells and back cover just pop out.. My choise is Xperia Z, because it looks much better than S4. When it comes to performance, they both have enough power for Instagram and other stuff. If you want to play games then just buy game console..

  9. Both phones are super… But I'm a big fan of Sony.. They make quality products. I still have a sony walkman that still works lol.. If I were to choose between the two I would get the Sony simply because everybody has the iphone and galaxy. I wanna be the unique one… But you cannot go wrong with either phone.

  10. I can't choose between this two. I have a plan in Smart PH and I can get another new phone this month and this both phones is free in my plan. So which is better? I don't really play high end games on my current Samsung Galaxy Note 2 I just use it for surfing the web on the go and watching Full HD videos.

  11. I like the sharp edged design of the xperia, but I went with the galaxy s3 since it was a bit slimmer and it's pretty good. I might consider xperia if my phone ever breaks or just to have.

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