Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC ONE!

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Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC ONE! Don’t Forget to Like! 🙂

My Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One comparison review covering benchmarks, speed tests, camera quality, display quality, gaming, build quality and more! Both feature beautiful 1080P displays, powerful processors and a ton of features but which is the best Android phone of 2013?

– HTC ONE for $148!
– Unlocked HTC ONE Pricing:

– Galaxy S4 for $168!
– Unlocked GS4 Pricing:

64GB GS4 MicroSD Card!

Galaxy S4 Camera Samples!

HTC ONE Camera Samples!

MY Top 5 Galaxy S4 Features!

iTrent Carrier External Battery:

Galaxy S4 Accessories & Cases:

HTC ONE Cases:

Galaxy S4 Features List!

My Setup & Tech Gear!

Tech questions? Hit me up any of the…

36 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC ONE!

  1. HTC wins. Galaxy with its
    laggy user interface (an aside, but how do they do that when it’s packing a 1.9GHz quad-core chip?) and a tacky plastic body that seemed custom designed to collect fingerprints

  2. I am leaning towards the Galaxy S4. But I am not sure about the HTC One, I have heard lots of people say the HTC One is better. I am not sure which to get, what do you recommend?

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