Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Apple iPhone 5

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A full comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Apple iPhone 5 smartphones!

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24 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Apple iPhone 5

  1. Isn't it weird that it has always been an entire market(Android),against a simple company?(Apple)!!Been a massive android fan for 5 years,proud tester of XDA,love it's community and Im still there!!But that question made me change to IOS!

    Jobbs once said: Design is not about how it looks like,or how it feels like!Design is about how it works!

    Truth is,Apple gives you the optimal!Therefore,all this customization android involves,feels some kind pointless!!!Real customization is using 3rd party apps,pay them if they deserve it,support their makers!Pay the music,cause if you don't,it simply won't be around much,cause artists,developers,and all creators need motivation to work and piracy is what killing this kind!Have all for is sure great,knowing it my self well too,but support and currency,gives better products either way you see it!

  2. Apple-2007-2012
    Android: 2013-Now

    Android took over since the quad-cores in 2013 (HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S3)
    Before that Apple was a better choice to me.

  3. I believe Android is awesome!
    I had five,mid to high range devices so far,and i just love what you can do with it(Root,CWM,custom ROMs) as well as the options it gives you natively,if you choose not to go that deep with it!
    But thats its bad thing too!
    Since it is so free and custom,it fills it's cache so much that in almost a year,it loses its power drastically!!!
    iPhones on the other hand,seem boring and simple,but consider the specs,and you will understand that there is different and deeper tech in it!
    My 32gb iPhone 5,in 2016,runs the 9.3.1 IOS,and 100% kills!
    I run Mortal Kombat X,(huge demanding game),reply Skype and Viber,at same time,check mail,FB,news,maybe play some music,also accept calls from wherever!
    It NEVER lags!Several times I stress it(open all apps)just to check it!
    Still dosent,and makes me a laugh ,running so much,at 0 lag,even today!
    Apple tops that!And i hate that it's always 1 market(Android)vs one company!Seems unfair kinda…

  4. IPhone is for simple people and Samsung is for people who like customising their device and if they want bigger devices because is phones aren't that big enough except for the iPhone 6 and others

  5. Hi Justin. I found the I phone 5 battery life was awful. and if you notice the start of your review the Samsung was on 67% and the Iphone was on 92%. By the end of your test the Iphone was down to 29% with the Samsung on 35%

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