Samsung Galaxy S4: the HIDDEN tips and tricks

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Part 1 of the video:

This is part two of the Samsung Galaxy S4 hidden tips and tricks features. These are things we’ve discovered in the past weeks while using our brand new Black Mist SGS 4 smartphone. Some of these shortcuts are really useful if you want to take full advantage of your brand new Android headset.

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20 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S4: the HIDDEN tips and tricks

  1. The last one (lookout app) is actually a scam!
    Samsung has the exact same tech and features and its for free!
    Just go to samsungs official website and look for find my device.

    Your welcome

  2. Thank you for such helpful information.   That is very nice of you to share.
    Also, don't let the ignorant comments get to you.
    I'm an American and just to let you know,  not all of Americans are cruel and rude.

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