Samsung Galaxy S4 – 10 Tips & Tricks!

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What is the point of owning a cool new phone if you can’t make it your own? Kris takes us through 10 tips and tricks to get the most of your Samsung Galaxy S4!

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33 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S4 – 10 Tips & Tricks!

  1. Does anybody who owns a Galaxy S4 (SGH-m919 running 4.4.4) notice "breaks" in the signal bar in battery stats? It's not a matter of bad signal either. I noticed the signal bar is completely green, but there are random black gaps throughout (I think it only shows it to be during screen off). This doesn't seem to cause a problem with the phone's functionality, it's just something I noticed.

    This is pretty similar to my girlfriend's S3. The stats show WIFI to be on constantly, even though it's not, and this also doesn't seem to cause any issues with the phone. So maybe these stats just aren't reliable?

    I appreciate anyone's thoughts :)

  2. "If you're like me, and i know i am" … lol, you get a like just for that 🙂
    PS. mine has no multiple lock screen widgets option, but mine is running Android 5.0.1

  3. I Have a? I have Netflix on my Galaxy S4 now can I plug my Cell Phone into my TV using my HDMI cord to watch Netflix or Does it have to be my Tablet? Can anyone Please help me out by chance? 

  4. I want one so bad. I'm so close to getting one online. I desperately need an upgrade. I've had my iPhone 4 for a year and it's already dieing out on me. I want to make sure I have enough info before I buy it though. This video helped out a lot.

  5. It sucks that im not able to see all the comments on the different videos on youtube. Some comments where more people have comment specifiks comments, and you example can press "view 34 comments more" Then after clicking that the rest of the screen under it is jusy white screen. It so unbelievely frustrating. And you are even not able to see some people that comment your own comment sometimes.

  6. I enjoyed your video. it was well editted, clear and concise. I hate when guys try to do things on the fly and start mumbling, pausing and repeating things. Great job

  7. OK, here's the deal. I am currently using an iPhone 4s and I am thinking of maybe switching to a Galaxy 4s. Now don't go fanboy on me saying that I souls get te galaxy, tell me truthfully. I Ike simple stuff, I don't want to go into too many settings to change my preferences or things like that, so should I switch to a galaxy or stick my trusty iPhone?

  8. The camera tip at the beginning is a little misleading. The '9mp' image is only lower due to the aspect ratio. The pixel density is exactly the same and therefore so is image quality. The higher 13mp image is only so due to it's 4:3 aspect ratio

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