Samsung Galaxy S3 Tips & Tricks

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A video walkthough filled with some of the must know tips and tricks for the Samsung Galaxy S3. A written guide with screenshots is available here –

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  1. I have had this phone for over 2 years and I never ever knew about all of this. I am having trouble with the charger ..the connection is bad. I have bought 2 of them also have been given 2 extra but only the one ATT works right if I hold or wrap it around the phone. ITS ridiculous.. I also cannot get FB messenger to work anymore.And this is very important to me since I have a best friend who lives in Germany. We paid for the insurance and then 9.99 extra a month for the past year and they only through AT&T will offer the same phone or refurbished. Thank you for your amazing Tutorial and tips. I will have to watch and pause over and over again. YOU are a master at this. Keep it up. Thank you for the share. ITS amazing how you know so much about this phone. Wow. I feel so phone ignorant.YOU are very easy to understand and very good at this. Again Thank you so much for your help and wisdom. I really want the Samsung Note 4. Nameste.

  2. I did the simplest thing, and now all of these tutorials don't seem to be helping…
    In my Gallery, I clicked on an album. I swiped the menu button and chose "Hide items."
    well, it did. So I swiped the menu button again chose "Show hidden items" and they're nowhere to be found. I backed out to the home screen and clicked "My Files" swiped the menu button and checked the "Show hidden files" box. Nothing. None of the tutorials seem to address this specific turmoil I've cast myself into…Any suggestions or recommended tutorials?

  3. I am continualy getting a sign-in failed notice it is driving me crazy.  I can still send and receive gmail msgs so no idea how to reset or clear this crazy notice for the past 24 hours HElP PLease!

  4. wow heaps of great information but also a note for dummies like myself I could not find or locate the section on my phone you were showing us [e.g. call settings] very frustrating being a dummy I can tell you.

  5. hey guys! I have seen the samsung galaxy S3 i9300 model and someone told me that this is the latest with 4g support. What is the other model that has only 3g support? I am also wondering if you know where I could get the phone upfront in Australia? cheers!

  6. Everyone has written a load of old twaddle… I'm not even a native English speaker and I understood ABSOLUTELY everything. This is a very helpful video, so even if you don't understand what he's saying, you can still see what he's doing.

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