Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Grace TouchWiz UX vs Galaxy S7 Full Comparison! (4K)

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Grace TouchWiz UX vs Galaxy S7 Full Comparison! What’s New?
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44 Comments on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Grace TouchWiz UX vs Galaxy S7 Full Comparison! (4K)

  1. You can also pull out the full shortcuts on the regular touchwiz, you can also change your "cartoonish" icons to have a "background" like they do on your new phone. You didn't do reasearch before making this video, you just took 2 phones and said shit, sad part is that most of the things you said are new are actually there even on the S6. Next time put some effort in your videos, do some research. Sad…

  2. this guy doesnt know what hes talking about… its like… there is almost no difference and he is making it sound like maaaajor improvement.. like u got two tabs here instead of one and thats a huge improvement thats so great its crazy :-D

  3. There are lots of little changes here and there like for example even the opening animation is different and the folders are now completely transparent instead of the white background they had previously.

  4. Damn man, he said it a million times..'cartoonish cartoonish cartoonish', wtf you against cartoonish? I find them better though, thats what Samsung is known for..for their unique Touchwiz, its so damn good from the shitty Google UIs (just hate them)

  5. Mubarak ho zaryaab Khan , apki video www . phonearena . com per show ho rahi hai , Note 7 ka grace Ux vs s7 ka touch wiz comparison 🙂

    app ney mehnat ki musalsal 3 sall say , ajj apka channel internation level per aik target aur achieve kar geya , bahot bahot mubarak ho apko __________earning is another advantage but ju shoharat app k channel ko mill rahi hai , bahot acha laga k kisi pakistani ka channel iss had tak successful ho rha hai , kafi english people ney wahan comment kiya hai k app iss field main new ho aur apka review childish type hai , iss liye app apni weakness ko improve karo WISH U BEST OF LUCK 🙂



  6. the s7/edge also have the maintenance feature on the settings and isn't a separate app…. and also works exactly the same .. and the s7's TouchWiz ui also hace double swipe down for toggles … i like the new look and dpi scaling. with themes it woulb be nice too.

  7. Is the multitasking menu behaving the same when scrolling through open apps? Samsung changed the scrolling effect with Android 6.0.
    Since then the apps are snapping up and down which makes it much harder to hit the desired app when scrolling through fast.

  8. 3:42 : "instead of pressing the search button and searching"
    it is actually the same thing anyway, you need to tap once on SEARCH bar/button in both TouchWiz versions. The blurred bar however, is a beautiful piece of art for me, I adore blurs, but the main problem now is that the A-Z and EDIT button are one more tap away as you need to tap on 3dot menu to bring them up. Sacrificing in usability was not a very good idea to make it more beautiful, as they could have made the bar smaller. Also, it wasn't a very good idea to make the brightness bar one more tap away, as well as Finder. Finder was next to settings icon in Beta1, and brightness has always been in the first view. And making the folder view like iOS (swiping horizontally) is a terrible idea IMO.

    2:00 : "you have to swipe all the way"
    Correction: No you don't need to swipe all the way. You can as well swipe down from anywhere in the notification drawer, whereas in UX you're restricted to the middle.
    Moreover the quick connect is not gone. It can be enabled by going to Finder>Q.Connect>Settings>Show bar in notification panel.
    5:00 : Doesn't look like N at all dude, what on Earth have you been smoking? Gimme sum of dat bro, seems gud!
    N doesn't have the description of each category, it just shows the state of the most important toggle/thing in the respective category.
    6:08 : S6/S7 already have that right in settings. What the heck are you trying to say by "proper settings"?
    Dude may I remind you that you are not reviewing TouchWiz, you are comparing the two versions of them. Viewers expect you to mention out the differences, not telling things we already know.
    7:35 : there is nothing difficult to use with the old one. Same options are in the dropdown menu to the left.

    Couldn't resist to watch this crap video and my only motivation was to find and correct your mistakes.

    Anyway, I think that you need to use both versions carefully if you're gonna make a review on them and be careful of what you say. Don't make yourself look like an XDA noob posting why their phone "died" after deleting SystemUI.apk.You are just a rip-off of other similar channels, please go away and be original.

  9. Could you please check if the stock email app lets you choose colors for each account on the combined mail view (and not random generated colors)…?

  10. NO OFFENCE to the reviewer but the comparison is not good .. Somehow the reviewer is only saying that its better .. and not showing some of the niche controls, improvements, designs, animations, app launch speed, battery life improvements etc. that are put into the new UI .. FOR ME – the icon part – I still prefer the ones that launched with S6 .. for this review particularly – S7 has better icons ..

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