Samsung Galaxy Note 6 – 10 Features That Will Crush iPhone 7 Plus!

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Samsung Galaxy Note 6 vs iPhone 7 Plus – 10 Features Samsung Hopes Will Destroy iPhone 7 Plus!

28 Comments on Samsung Galaxy Note 6 – 10 Features That Will Crush iPhone 7 Plus!

  1. i have note 5 and i have 15 years old i got on my birthday last month and now my parents will not allow me to get note 6 i am sad i have to wail for may for note 6 so stop making videos

  2. The plus is just a bigger Iphone, as far as I know, it has no extra features, so how dose it compete with the Note 6? The Note series usually has better features and has a little more power than the S series.

  3. 4k displays are not happening now a days they could easily happen but the Sony Xperia 5 Premium is the only phone in the world with a 4k display and doesnt even project things in 4k the majority of the time

  4. As a long time user of both iphone and android devices im glad to see android actually catching up. So far i have been set on using the iphone due to its long life and usability ease. Some other good features are no app crashes and no over heating is what keeps me with iphone

  5. Really undecided between both. Really hope the Note 6 comes with an Edge Display tho. Don't want to have to choose between a curved screen or an S Pen like last year. I NEED BOTH! On the other side I'd really like to get an Apple Watch 2 tho…

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