Samsung Galaxy Note 5 VS iPhone 6 Plus – Ultimate Full Comparison

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The Complete Comparison of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 VS iPhone 6 Plus. Which Is Better? Which Should You Buy? Speed, Camera, Display, Battery, Price Review.

50 Comments on Samsung Galaxy Note 5 VS iPhone 6 Plus – Ultimate Full Comparison

  1. The first time I saw an iPhone 6 plus, I thought it looked rather strange and overly-long for the design. Just bought a Galaxy Note 5, love the modding/developer community for Android phones. Gives you phone that extra oomph, and keeps it running better for longer – with the latest OS.

  2. Oh he just had to say it! "The iPhone is such a simple device to use". This is mainly because they never change anything on there phones. Everyone that says that the iPhone is easier to use is really just technologically challenged. It's a smartphone people! The Note 5 is just as easy to use, but if your not technologically challenged you can use all of its amazing features. It's funny how I can operate an iPhone better than the actual owners.

  3. Trust me ios is way better experience based on experience from m9 to g4 to s6 edge to s6 to note 4 to iphone 6 to note 5 to edge plus to iphone 6 plus to edge plus to 6 plus to note 5 then now 6 plus again keep going back 6 plus mainly because of the battery life better looking ui and smoother experience.only thing samsung wins is its display and thats it.

  4. Hi, In Iphone 6/plus is there a way to automatically save photos in their respective folders? Right now all photos from any app just goes in 1 single folder and a mess to sort out. So like FB pics goes to Facebook folder, twitter pics in folder called twitter, camera pics in camera folder and so on.
    I know Andriod does it automatically (even creates folders automatically !) but I want to learn that to do in iphone.

  5. is u notice android pretty much Samsung is all about new thing people who have jobs would find useful like Samsung pay and that Samsung health app and milk music 🙂 apple is for people to just show off and get all the games first and so on

  6. you cant cmpare I phone with note cause each one from different companies and totally different system but u can compare I phone 6 with 6 plus and bla bla but you cant compare android with apple sorry for my english its like compare Mercedes with f1 for example both are good note and I phone but which one u like a android lots of oprion u can do and creat I phone classic luxury phone so it depends on u what u like brother

  7. well description man, i had old experience with my Samsung S3 and it wasn't good thus i decided to stay away from android devices,but as i see samsung really making great devices, both are great

  8. I went to AT&T today, with my broken every where iphone 4s to just look at the phones. I first went to 6 Plus, played around with it, didn't see much difference between my broken ass I-phone, also grinned about having to sync every freaking music download I do on my computer, I went to the counter, asked for an upgrade, sales manager goes to the back room to get 6 plus while I go back checking out the note 5, sales manager came back, "you can put that iphone back" went out the door with a note 5. :)

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