Samsung Galaxy Note 5 VS iPhone 6 Plus Drop Test!

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NEW Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Drop Test VS iPhone 6 Plus Drop Test. Is Gorilla Glass 4 Better on The Note 5 + Compared To iPhone 6 Plus?

S6 Edge Plus VS 6 Plus Drop Test HERE:

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  1. so i dropped my samsung galaxy note 5 ONCE (waste height, and i'm a very short person) today and i got two scratches (more like dents) on the edges. How did you drop it without dents?? Just for my information, does anybody know of a cheap place to repair the edges?

  2. My buddy got drunk one night and pisset off ended up throwing his Galaxy Note 5 against padded dash of my car, yea his screen was shattered and had major stractural damage on the top left edge, didn't do anything to my dash though

  3. В основном беру Samsung,в этот раз у Samsung Note 5, стилус слабый, выролнила телефон, удар был не сильный, стилус вылетел, а половина осталась внутри.До этого Note 2 и Note 3,как бы ни падали никогда такого не было.

  4. Curiously—-it would be interesting, after these tests, to then take them to a cell phone repair shop to see what the costs would be to fix a phone after the different kinds of drops. Just a thought? Not actually fix them but get a quote and post?

  5. This must have been so hard to do. I cringed when I watched, but I thank you for these tests. I just got a note 5 and work with horses, so it's good to know what it can handle.

  6. I just purchased the Note 5. Because of the Gorilla Glass 4, I put my Note 5 in a OtterBox Defender case. I popped out the cheesy screen protector and had Geek Squad at Best Buy put on a Zagg invisible tempered glass shield.

  7. The tips for the galaxy note 5 was interesting bcz the phone didn't come with a manual. which i personally like to figure things out myself. but with this phone there is so much i didnt and still dont know

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