Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs iPhone 6 Speed Test 4K

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30 Comments on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs iPhone 6 Speed Test 4K

  1. some seconds…but in note 4. display is great.battery timing, is great, S pen features, some other software features like multi window, pop up video, off screen memo, cusyomization possibilities with great camera 16 mp n 3.7 mp etc etc

  2. I agree that iphone 6 is faster than note 4. I was an iphone user for the last 5 years and recently bought note 4. I love it. But have to admit iphone is faster. Opening apps especially camera is better in iphone but i like camera features in note 4. Editing pic in iphone also way quicker. Overall, i don't really care that much being fast coz note 4 is still one of the fast phone out there. What really matters for me are great display, great camera quality, spen, easy to download music, docs, video & movie and expandable storage. Both of them are great phones. Buy which one suits you well =)

  3. You really have to compare an Android Lollipop Note with disabled windows animations in the development options with an iPhone 6 … then you'll see the real speed of the note 4 … everone knows that …
    The iPhone6 is a toy against the Note4 … its like comparing a portable handheld to a laptop when it comes to the possibilities…
    My S4 with the Android 5 GPE Rom runs as smooth as an iPhone6 which I compared  – and that device is 2 yrs old … apple fanboys will have a hard time with the S6 these days …

  4. I actually own both of these phones and use them on a daily basis. I find myself going for my iPhone 6 almost every time. iPhones just work. Simple as that. The note 4 is an awesome phone but I can't freaking stand the constant stutters in the software on android. iPhones are buttery smooth and work fantastically well even when you have multiple apps open. The note 4 just isn't a smooth operating phone and glitches out even more when you have a bunch of apps open. I notice this especially when web browsing on the note 4 vs the iPhone. If you really want a phone that is reliable and ALWAYS a joy to use, pick iPhone. There no point to having 3 gigs of ram if it isn't even available to you because your phone is so filled with bloat where and random shit you don't even need.. 

  5. I bought the iPhone 6 when it comes out but i sold in one month time and i got the Note 4, best decision ever. IPhone 6 apart from running smoothly it's just fucking boring phone, the Note 4? Simply the best ?

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