Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs iPhone 6 Plus – Speed Test

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iPhone 6 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Speed and performance test, with Geekbench 3 Benchmark, Boot up test, Browser, apps and gaming speed tests.

The iPhone 6 Plus features a 5.5 inch screen with full HD 1080p resolution, an 8MP iSight camera with TrueTone flash and Optical Image stabilization, an A8 64 bit Processor with new Touch ID fingerprint scanning technology with Apple Pay.

Announced along with the Note Edge, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 features a 5.7 inch screen with 1440p QuadHD resolution, 16 MP camera with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) capable of filming 4K UHD 2160p Video, 3.7 MP Front Facing wide-angle camera, 3GB RAM, has a premium metal-frame and features a Fingerprint sensor (Integrated with PayPal), Built in Heart rate sensor, an improved S-Pen (Smart Select and Snap Note), and Fast Charging (from 0-50% in 30mins)

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44 Comments on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs iPhone 6 Plus – Speed Test

  1. Iphone: 5.5-inch IPS Retina HD LCD,1920×1080 pixels,401ppi VS. Note 4 5.7-inch Super AMOLED, 2560×1440 pixels,515ppi.. Just saying, iphone is as bad shit as Note4 as note can't handle the resolution and Iphone is just a design brainwashing device for stupid people who have no privacy.

  2. dude i aint no fucking hater ,but if you going to make a video about benchmark ,i rather download it myself , then listening to you …you suck and worthless video …seriously

  3. How will the iPhone 6 Plus with a Dual core 1.4 Ghz compete with the Note 4 with a Quad core 2.7 Ghz ?
    Poor iPhone 😛                    iPhone will never win against Note 4 !

  4. What the average Android user did on their phone today…
    DL a rom to try and fix their lag, re arranged there home screen for the billionth time, went on the net to justify their purchase.

    What I did on my iPhone today…
    Created a pic for my portfolio using tiffin fx
    Programmed my digital synth via my iPhone's screen over wifi
    Fully backed up my phone over wifi in about 3 mins with no third party apps.

    Suck it losers lololol

  5. I had both and I prefer Android, Iphone cant give all those options what Android can, and no additional memory, cant change the battery and crappy camera is NO NO, Android all the way 

  6. How can you compare these phones when the note 4 is running off lollipop which is so broken it makes everything rub slower is the note 4 was running kitkat iw old be so much faster

  7. The Note 4 is a good phone but Samsung Devices dont last to long so i switched to Apple and i enjoy it. But iphones do crack more easily and i hate that but other than that i prefer iphone. 

  8. Everyone knows that ALLL EVERY SINGLE IPHONE suck, and you guys still try to fight samsung, get over it, iPhones suck, even if apple gets their iPhones faster… its not just that, its the specs 

  9. It is strange, that I can see people are telling in the comments, why note 4 is better, and why did it lose. Open your eyes already. After ^ months, iphone would still be at this speed, can you garentee it for note 4, ? well look at iphone 5s vs note 3 now, you will see

  10. It's about time people realised that iPhones are overhyped shit, I laugh when i walk past the apple store and see all the idiots crowded in there haha

  11. i own an iphone 6 because all the cool people on instagram with cool accounts use an iphone, all the boring people with weak accounts and ratchets with boring feeds all own androids.

  12. I know alot of iPhone users, and none of them play temple run or any games on their iphones besides candy crush.  If i cared about gaming on a phone. i should seriously consider killing myself.

  13. After reading all the comments, I have to admit how iPhone users liked to fight about how much useless feathers android has, but on the other hand, android users are far more knowledgeable on all the computer science department.. I think that will be the reallife situation is that Apple is a Consumer Marketing based company, and Google is more of a geek tech company. For conclusion, Apple products are more what "great average user experiences" want, and high-end android products are more focus on "Productivity, and future-proofing technology"

    Both great phones, hope people stop fighting about who's better, because with competitions, we have improvements!

  14. +supersaf tv
    in browser you can that the iphone is still loading.. just look at the top of the iphone there is still a loading icon so the real winner is the note 4 dont be bias

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