Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Galaxy Note 3 – Ultimate Comparison!

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Galaxy Note 3: Comparison & Review of camera, top features, specs.. Galaxy Note 4 vs iPhone 6 Plus video is coming soon, but how does the Galaxy Note 4 compare to the Note 3? Samsung Galaxy Note 4 full review coming soon! Buy the Galaxy Note 4:
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Should you upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4? If you already have the Galaxy Note 4 does the Note 4 compare in a positive light vs other smartphones like iPhone 6 Plus, LG G3, HTC One M8, Galaxy S5, and OnePlus One? Watch my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Samsung Galacy Note 3 comparison video to find out what software features are new, how the camera quality compares, and everything involving the Galaxy Note 4’s internal specifications.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Galaxy Note 3…

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  1. I have to upgrade from my Note 3 because my flash on my camera stopped working after the Lollipop update and my Bluetooth has been spotty. Initially I was gonna wait for the Note 5 but turns out Samsung has focused more on trying to impress Apple users than trying to please their own customers. I'd say if you're in the market for one of the phablets the Note 4 is definitely the best way to go currently. If you were gonna get Note 5 you might as well get an iPhone, the Note 5 is rated HORRIBLY!

  2. lets see, Ive had and LOVE my Note3 for about 6months. I also have S3 mini, S4, S5, and Xperia Play…but i just checked and have a free upgrade. OOWA! OOWA! only $40 with 2 yr cntrct. Worse case aill just sell my note 3 for $350…att gives away phones alllll the time… this is my 6th free in 3yrs…Come On Note 4 :)

  3. I got a lot of these features in my note 3 with the 5.0 lollipop update now it looks and feels like a note 4 as far as functionality and the new TouchWiz UI

  4. The camera is still better on the note 3. My dad and uncle and cousin have the note 4 and I have the note 3. We all took picture of the same thing. Same area. Same lighting and my note 3's camera was better. 

  5. I like the note 3 being good enough… and tbh the frontal design scheme is dotted on the note 4 where the note 3 is brushed metal look I find it more premium… I don't think it's worth the upgrade to the note 4 besides the little bells and whistles we won't use that much as it is….

  6. I don't see a big enough improvement to upgrade from the note 3 to note 4 other then my phone has seen some wear. Some things like the microw port seem like a down grade. My phone downloads and uploads documents or media to my computer in seconds, literally 10 cd's in 10 seconds. Does it still have an easy grip back or is it ready to slip out if my hands smooth plastic. How about google docs and other features, are they in the multi task window now?

    My note 3 is a work power house and I would really like to see integrating Google Apps in the multi tasks like docs. Also S voice is so close to being a personal assistant if they could step it up to controlling apps a little more and giving more feed back like reading emails at command that would be awsome.

  7. I have note 3 and the lolipop update provide all spen features and multitasking , more options in settings and I don't see big difference between two devices but screen of course more better in note 4 and fingerprint 

  8. Nice camera comparison starting at 8:05. Would love to see some low light indoor pictures of human beings, though – every camera review typically shows blue sky exterior photos, which almost every camera does well. The camera's optical image stabilization is the only advantage I see of the Note 4 over Note 3. Everything else is mostly a numbers game, such as the absurdly high screen resolution that makes the UI more sluggish at zero benefit.

  9. Thanks for the video dude and tbh the Android lollipop update should bring the note 3 & 4 very similar together besides the camera app but I honestly love the note 3 and the design of the note 4 but at the end they are two great phones made by a great company so in the end newer is better and the note 3 is still decent enough for an average user but like I said the Android lollipop update will take Samsung into a great direction with touchwiz 

  10. I got Note 3 and i have been using it for a year now and it still rocks!! No note 4 for me, may be note 5 and that is if they make major changes in processor and camera lens size. Note 3 owners do not need at all to upgrade to note 4, even the salesman will tell you that.

  11. I got my note 3 last December 2013 but it had been broken 🙁 & i went to the note 4 but i didn't find the massive difference between them just spent a lot of money on the note 4!! really thinking about selling it & get a new note 3 4G…Sooo confused :S..In addition to that the note 3 will get most of the new offered features in note 4 in the new lollipop update as per this link:

  12. I have note 3. I rely heavily on the spen it really boost my productivity, mainly with the function of s note to take, screen write, n action memo to make note, add phone number, etc on the go. However as the review says, the difference in term of software is just the main disparity and it's quite dissapointing.. Samsung can simply port these features over. Yet they choose to make it exclusive for note 4. This is why I am a little Jealous of ios users they can all get up date in at least 2-3 generation of ios updates., without buying a new phone ..
    I guess it just feel like a cheat for me bcos I really like the note 4 new air command and camera option such as selective focus. But when note 5 comes out, they'll add another new features that forces you to buy new model or wait until custom rom released.
    I also used and compared the photoshop app on note 3 and my ipad mini 1. It seems the app works so much better with stability, no crash, or sloppiness in contrast to my note 3. I think i might just switch back to Apple. For stylus functionality like note taking I might just get ipad air 2 and a good stylus. But i know I wil miss the freedom and functionality of the note series. :-/

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