Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs. BlackBerry Passport – Dogfight!

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Two manufacturers pulled out all the stops last year to release a device which represented absolutely everything about their respective brands.

BlackBerry released a productivity beast with an innovative keyboard. Samsung released a phablet that easily beats any it has released in the past. But which is the best for you? Let’s find out in this dogfight.

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20 Comments on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs. BlackBerry Passport – Dogfight!

  1. No mention of call quality at all for a "phone" comparison right??? after all who calls these days? right???

     i traded my passport for a note 4 and man o man does the call quality on the note 4 suck compared to my blackberry passport. Looks like i have to sell this samsung junk and get a real phone again to call people up. I dont need a gameboy…. I need a phone god damn it.

  2. I have note 1 and note 3 and why buy note 4 is same design is same all same only bite faster im tired about same samsung design or better iphone and samsung mixed .. i like some different and i have now blackberry passport

  3. Waste of time comparison for most. But still abit interesting. Note 4 is a beast and as of this date it's in my opinion the best smartphone around. But this vid did let me know that blackberry is a good phone for let's say a boring lawyer. It's closest counterpart will probably be the iPhone 5s though. Thanks for

  4. I am a Blackberry lover and I still think that the Porche P'9983 is much better,and it looks fantastic,place it alongside the Galaxy Note 4 and you get one of thy best experiences available.

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