Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs Sony Xperia Z1

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PhoneArena presents a video comparison between the Galaxy Note 3 phablet and the Xperia Z1 smartphone. Which one should you get? Watch our video and let us help you make the right choice!

38 Comments on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs Sony Xperia Z1

  1. for those who say samsung is better or sony is better. i tell U what I think ?? both are the best . i mean my family own almost all popular brands of phones like iphone samsung sony BUT my mom ditched the iphone saying is dad still sticks with his sony but my mom had recently bought an s5. But now i own a samsung tablet and i have experience with all three brand/devices and i can tell u that android is what makes these smartphones special.But still, if it werent for the iphone, this touch screen tecnology might not have existed. So therefore i say that all devices are the best.   

  2. Z1 is much better. I had note 3 b4. Now m using z1. Planning to have z3 or the z2. Note 3 even it has the better specs… It is still laggy. ? but i enjoyed all the gimmicky functionality of note 3. But time will come you'll realized that you dont need it at all. And then you'll come to realized that it is much better to have a simple straight forward device. The screen is more natural with the z1. The battery is more long lasting than the note 3. Note 3 is better on paper specs. But when it comes in the actual usage you'll realized that z1 is better. The z1 camera is also better than note 3. In note 3 lots of time out of focus…. If you have a very stable hands note 3 is ok. But very little movement it will affects the camera picture will turn out to be blurred. On z1 it is more focus and clean. ? and the build quality z1 is way better than note 3. Note 3 the label of samsung sometimes it will just peel off. It was so desperately annoying weather you put a cover casing etc… Still it will just peal off. Go for sony if i we're you. ?

  3. I think that note 3 is more better than xp2ria z1 because I too have the sam2 tab I have now took tab pro but I think that note 3 tab is more better and I m a samsung and htc fan and I think that sony is nothing infront of them

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