Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs Sony Xperia Z Ultra: Quick Look

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The Galaxy Note 3 isn’t the only big dog in the yard. Josh gives you a quick look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 up against the Sony Xperia Z Ultra.

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46 Comments on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs Sony Xperia Z Ultra: Quick Look

  1. Very similar phones in terms of performance. Why I chose the Z Ultra C6833 4G/LTE over the Note 3…pure media&web experience, the ZU is a beast! Regrets – Z Ultra 8MP Camera sucks! What sucks most – Self cracking screen, still can't believe my Z Ultra screen cracked on the bottom left at night, not during the day, not on my pockets but while asleep!Now touch display is completely non-responsive!!!!

  2. I love that I can hope on to find out all I need to know from you awesome tutorials. You speak clear unlike so many others, great HD and all the info I need. Plus I love the theme music. Lol its like a movie before it comes on and you mimic it. Lol thanks and keep up the great work. 

  3. As usual he focuses more on the samsung that's why viewers are asking questions they wont have if he had touched a bit on the Sony's features. The sony has a fab sensitive touchscreen that can handle any stylus plus pens and pencils something the note 3 cant do.

  4. On paper sammy better… Please do another review with OS MONITOR installed on both of them and see how they are after 1 hour of gaming(amount of free ram and temp)

  5. Why did Sony let the troops down with that non flash camera? Needless to say, the Note 3 is way more popular. However, visually challenged types such as myself will prefer the larger Sony display (even though the Samsung's looks great!). If Sony made this a 6" or 6.1" phablett and added the Xperia Z2's camera and perhaps the extra gb of ram of the Xperia Z2, they would have a killer phablett for those who prefer Sony over Samsung or HTC. We're so lucky to have so much quality competition in Android land ! 

  6. Personally, I want the Note 3 over the Ultra. My main reason is for the Galaxy Gear, but I suppose you could get the Pebble Smartwatch for the Ultra. I also thing that the Note 3 is just a more powerful machine for its size. I were just using my cell phone for media I'd get the Ultra. Then again if I were just using my phone for media I'd get a tablet.

  7. Love Sony, but have the Note3 and the stylus is great.  Use it all the time to take notes while on the phone.  Is the Sony waterproof?  Would be nice for beach and play.  Does it support PS4 gaming?  Apple?  Are you there or just a giant balance sheet dead planet now?

  8. The Z Ultra is a good phone, but the Note 3 is a superior phone in my opinion. I can't wait for the Note 4. I hear it is going to have a UI switch. Basically if the UI switch is on; you'll be using Touchwiz. If the switch is off; you'll be using stock Android. I like that idea. What does everybody else think of that idea?

  9. I like the sony ultra . really sleek and good  looks and all glass sides.and the bigger screen aswell  .but I think no camera flash plus no ir blaster  plus the battery not as large . puts it down from galaxy note  3  ? you cannot beat the note 3 for content and the versatility ?  still not a bad size but quality still lets the note 3 down not content .  overall  note three has  much better specs ?. very hard to choose between them? both have got there  pros and cons .?I still would choose the sony because of its sleek looks and quality before note 3 . although the note three got more content . and versatility .

  10. I thought the Xperia would be ridiculous, but I just tried it in store and at 6'4" tall I really liked it. I'm bent between it and the Nexus 5 although it now seems too small.

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