Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs Sony Xperia Z Ultra (GPS, Benchmark, Browser, Speaker)

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My usual tests, this time pitting the Note 3 against the huge Z Ultra.

35 Comments on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs Sony Xperia Z Ultra (GPS, Benchmark, Browser, Speaker)

  1. Man no disrespect u are very bias. I have the Sony ultra Google Play edition. The u reviewing its not stock .but tell u this play edition is way better do a test on that play edition will eat note 3 a fact

  2. I've had ago on both and some aspects I like the n3 some the ultra sound wise how loud do u want it I'm deaf in none ear and is fine for me sound on the ultra . The ultra better for screen size for movies . But would say like someone else touch whiz takes a bit of ram up .. I'd love to know how sensitive networks are via wifi when searching on the ultra . How did you get the custom room for the n3 I can't even find a root tor mine. Used rootking etc .Thanks for video

  3. Got a Note 3 stolen, then i bought a xperia z ultra. Size is not a problem, even more my xperia z ultra comes with a cover and with it  i think is more confortable to hold than the samsung, not mentioning without the cover the sentation of z ultra is awesome. With  headphones Z ultra beats by far note 3 because is not too noisy and is more smooth, but if u like loudness than smoothness then note 3 is better. In camera if u take the note 3 as a 10 i would say z ultra is a fucking 5, im not a fan of photos so i dont care but if you take a lot of them you better to pick the note 3 (front camera i dont think it has any difference). In battery life with both phones i can finish my whole day and i could say i use pretty much internet, whats app, facebook, youtube, and add that 2h of game. In smothness with phone in general, internet, games, etc both are pretty much the same so dont mind a lot about that. Comparing screens i would choose xperia screen because i feel they are more realistics and is not too bright, with note 3 at night i had the problem that after a while my eyes hurt a little so i have to low the bright, but with xperia thats not a problem and to watch videos or use internet xperia is better just because of the size.
    By the user i am if i have to choose i would choose again the Xperia z Ultra. I think the only think that people should keep in mind when will choose between of them is the camera because z Ultra has no flash and is worst. 

  4. The Z Ultra is so good looking and waterproof and everything.. But the screen looks so much better on the Note 3. I want xperia z utrla with the same screen tech as note 3.

  5. I think the speaker on the Sony Xperia Ultra sounded bad because it was at the back of the phone and being muffled by the desk unlike Samsung Galaxy Note 3's speaker is in front so it produced better base.

  6. Been using Z Ultra a couple of months now, and it hasn't let me down at all. Super fast gaming, browsing and all from perhaps the most beautifully designed device yet made. Honestly folks you just can't imagine how thin it is. Best in black by a mile. 

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