Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Tips & Tricks Ep. 29: New Android 4.3 Gestures + Firmware Update For S Voice

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*Note 3 Tips & Tricks Table of Contents:
Just when I thought I knew all the gestures there are on the Note 3, one very useful gesture was lurking around my nose, and just in case you haven’t discovered it yet, here is a demonstration of the new two finger drag of the notification bar. I’m not sure if it qualifies as a hidden gesture or a secret gesture, but it is a great new gesture. I’ve also talk about some tips on the notification bar toggles Also, I just got a 100MB firmware update (my 4th or 5th OTA firmware update that I’ve received since I’ve owned the Galaxy Note 3), and one thing that it seems to do differently is S Voice. I can enable certain features of S Voice without having to unlock my phone even though I have a secure unlock set, such as pattern unlock. It is a great feature improvement, although I’m still really looking forward to using this feature with the S View cover on.

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  1. After the firmware update, S-voice no longer pings when it activates. hi galaxy (to activate s-voice) hi galaxy (to get ping) call home (do you want to call home?) hi galaxy (ping) yes. That is way too many hi galaxies. What the heck happened? Used to ping when it activated, then automatically ping after it asked if you want to make the call?

  2. One thing my iphone 4 could do but you can't do with S Voice or Google voice search is make a phone call on your earphone mic while the phone is in your pocket. If the phone is locked, no voice call. If you get rid of security on the lock screen and you activate S Voice, the screen goes on and you begin pocket dialing. 

  3. Mike you have always been great at answering my questions…I need help again! Have been in touch with sammy 4x and ATT 2x I keep getting a gray shield and it says prevention information, also my stock Internet Browser keeps talking to me! I have turned off and disabled Talk Back Drive Mode everything…nothing is working. 911 lol

  4. This isn't related to this video but I thought I'd ask anyway cause if anyone would have an answer it would be you. On my note 2 browser it would remember passwords to all Web sites but on my note 3 it will not remember passwords for a couple Web sites but others it will. Is there something I'm missing? I've got it checked in settings to remember passwords. Thanks in advance Mike. Also scrapbooker won't work with newest YouTube update. Do you have a fix?

  5. Hi
    My notification bar does not show the toggle switch for Mobile Data.
    I surfed through setting alot but could not find how to make it appear in notification bar.

    How can I enable it?

  6. No they did not improve s voice it use to work even if I had a lock pattern I live in Saudi Arabia I didn't get the update you talked about and the s voice works
    Any ways I have 2 very important questions
    1st are you facing any problem with widgets like mine aren't refreshing normally some times it does not refresh before a reboot
    2nd could you please post a capture screen of your battery usage info because mine is draining so fast and most of my usage goes to Android system is it normal?

  7. Sorry previous message did not make much sense I noticed after I sent it. What I mean is, if I switched off video stabilisation in video mode the videos I take don't look as cropped in and look much better. The best quality video quality I am finding is stabilisation for video off and smooth motion on at 1080p. Smooth motion is also available for 4k but I always thought 4k on the note 3 was only 30p whereas smooth motion would make it 60p or do I have it all wrong . Thanks in advance Mike

  8. Hey Mike. I know you are very busy but would really appreciate your advice. In video modeo when selecting 4k field of view is much better and wider because it does not have video stabilisation and if you switch off video stabilisation in 1080p video again you end up with a much better field of view video again much wider picture. But my question is if I select smooth motion which is 60p I does not make any difference at all if video stabilisation is active or not as video is extremely smooth

  9. When using a pin or password to lock the note 3, does the voice command work without the S cover? I ask because I have the new 10.1 and when a pin or password is used you don't even see the features to use S voice in settings

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