SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 2 ultimate golden Tips & Tricks +SECRET / HIDDEN CODE

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Get to know your Android device better!!!

• Most content in this video is basically for all android devices with the JellyBean 4.1.2 update
• Layout/setups in settings may varry from individual device brands
• In general this helping video defnetly comes in handy for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 users (GT-N7100)

This video was developed to help you & inform you of content that you may not known yet!
If it helped you out please rate this video thumbs up and share it so others can enjoy the pleassures of theire android OS powered device aswell, THANX 🙂

If you have any further questions you can leave a comment or write me a message threwout my main channels page & I get to it as soon as I can.
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26 Comments on SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 2 ultimate golden Tips & Tricks +SECRET / HIDDEN CODE

  1. Hello Brian, This Video is Amazing.. I have a Samsung Galaxy note 2. It has switched to emergency call only I tried to make a call and it said it's not registered on notwork but I have a sim card inside.. Could you please Help me

  2. I bought this phone 5 months ago. My phone had a pretty good camera, kinda good quality, and also very easy to use. I just did not like the update it had. The Note 2 that I bought did have some good memory, just I didn't have an SD Card to keep more space. 3 months later, I decided to download the Amazon Underground App Store so I can get the apps that I wanted that weren't in the google store. But, after I download some apps, my phone started messing up really bad. The system wasn't really working anymore, the battery died to fast, and it wouldn't even let me call anybody! So, I tried a few things to try to fix it. I decided to reset everything on my phone, ( MY MEMORIES ARE GONE ) Once I did that, it was working for a few days then all of sudden, it was working really bad. I tried going on YouTube to see anyway I can fix it, but nothing worked! So, I decided to throw the phone as many times as I can on the ground, cause it wasn't worth any good to actually keep it. The Note 2 gave me the worse experiences ever! Good Bye Note 2! Good Bye Samsung!

  3. OMG I've had this phone for a year and didn't know you could use the S-Pen to go back ( < ).

    Here's a trick I found a couple months ago. You can pinch in and out using one finger. Tap once then on the second tap, hold and drag your finger up or down to zoom in and out.

  4. Sir, I have a samsung note pro 12.2inches. I used to write notes with voice recording in it. I want to change it into suitable video format so that I can upload and share my thoughts and help the community. If you kindly help me in this regard it will be very highly appreciated. Thank you for your video also. Waiting for your reply urgently

  5. I used Samsung Galaxy Grand two. Now it almost update new software which I am not prefer .I can't conference call or merch/add called. I am currently feel unwary with it. What should I do? I really wanna back 

  6. Recently I restore my phone(Galaxy Note 2) so the Android version left from 4.4.1 to the 4.3. Now I can not upgrade my device to the kitkat version 4.4.1
    Where is the problem..?

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