Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – Tips & Tricks

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Samsung Galaxy Note II – N7100 : Hands On with Tips & Tricks

(1) Take Quick Notes : Anytime – Anywhere
(2) Using AirView with SPen
(3) SNote – Unleash Your Imagination
(4) True Multitasking – Multi Window
(5) Quick Command – Gesture Based Command Module
(6) One Hand Operation
(7) Handwriting Recognition
(8) SPen Screenshot
(9) Google Now !
(10) Handwriting Support for SVoice
(11) Back & Menu Gestures
(12) Quick Date, Time and Notifications from Locked Screen
(13) Paper Artist – Let your Creativity Fly

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  1. 16.00
    Also I wanted to ask you one things on my phone google chrome is working fine but when I use the orginal google search the brightness goes down even when I have brightness in full. Could you please reply if u know the solution for this problem.


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