Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Tips & Tricks (Episode 30: Video Streaming From PC To Android At Home, DLNA)

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*Note 2 Tips & Tricks Table of Contents:
All Samsung Galaxy devices used to come with a DLNA compliant app called Allshare. It used to work well, but Samsung has since rebranded Allshare as something very different. You can still use DLNA by using apps in the market and it works well. The benefits are that it is simple, and the videos are not re-encoded, so you get the best quality. The downside is that it is limited to a local area network, so it’s a nice feature to watch videos at home, from a home PC but you cannot do this away from home. There are plenty of paid solutions to choose from but there are free ones I personally use are:

To stream from PC to Galaxy Note 2 (UPNPlay):

To stream from Galaxy Note 2 to PC (Pixel Media Server):…

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  1. Excuse me… can you tell me what is the cheapest way to connect my Note 2, to the Tv with dlna without the expensive samsung allshare cast dongle.
    please ! if it appears on ebay, better….

  2. Mike, I'm a bit perplexed here. I have noticed that I have to have the CAT 5 from my router plugged into my laptop (hard wired) for my Note 2 to detect any nearby devices. I say that because I thought having wireless enabled with DLNA was suffice to send the signal to the phone.

    Any thoughts?

  3. Michael, I have a lot of videos and music in iTunes. Is there a way I can play these on the Note 2? In addition, can I copy these files to the Note 2. Including the playlists, sort orders, etc? Thanks for the great videos.

  4. Sorry for hassling you, I just can't figure it out haha. It Let's me connect my xbox to my phone but I can't find any of my phone's media on my xbox. Ill figure it out once day

  5. wow, sometimes I read my responses, and I'm not sure why I responded with the wrong answer. I will do a tutorial on how to do this in the future, but it's really easy. Just turn on Nearby devices in Settings -> Nearby Devices. Then turn your xbox on, go to video player, and your Galaxy Note 2 should show up if they are on the same network at home.

  6. hi there. I believe Apple decided to not use DLNA, and instead created a similar standard that only lets macs talk to other macs. You would have to find software that will make your macbook into a "DLNA server" and choose the files to share. I believe some exist, although I don't know much about macs.

  7. It's kinda finicky, but I usually have no problems adding whole folders. But if you got hundreds or thousands of media already, i have seen these problems. It does not do well sharing a large library. If you're having problems, I would remove all files from the library and re adding them. restarting the computer helps because there is a background service that is responsible of keeping track of the library.

  8. Mike,
    is there an easy way to do this.
    1) open web page in Dolphin browser on Note 2 and play video from a website
    2) Have it play on my macbook pro?

    in other words, instead of opening the webpage on laptop, I want to open it on note 2 and then see it on laptop. possible? thanks- great videos!

  9. Hello there. Sometimes the table with file info get corrupted. empty out your shared video list. restart your computer (yes, it is important because it restarts the service that builds the cache). Then add a small folder with just a few files. too many files or files from portable drives that are not always there seem to cause problems.

  10. Hi i am trying to do the streaming from PC to Note 2 but unable to do so. Firstly the I am using windows media player 12, but the videos does not seems to be shown properly in the list. I tried to add a specific folder from desktop, but it shows all the other videos from other folders on the desktop as well. Then next is i can't seems to find the files on the note 2. I can see my PC name in nearby device, but no videos or any media is found in it. Please help.

  11. sorry for the delay in reply and thank you for your reply. it just does not see my comp…been fiddling the settings to avoid troubling but it seems inevitable 🙁 can you help?

  12. LucidMike78 I think I got an error ..
    in the Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center >Choose Homegroup and Sharing Options .. when i Create a homegroup and then Click Next ..
    an error appears .. "Your network connection must have IPv6 enabled to create or join a homegroup. To enable IPv6, start the homegroup troubleshooter..

    but when i start the homegroup troubleshooter and fix the problems ..

    the problem cannot be fixed .. it says .. "An Ethernet Cable is not properly plugged or broken"

  13. I didn't understand your question. Your phone is backing up itself? Samsung sends some contacts through your samsung account. If you want to back up your phone….I believe you have to either be rooted, or you can try backing the Android folder manually (just for your data for your installed apps)

  14. Hmmm…that's not much information to troubleshoot with. Are you on the same local network with the computer? Does it see your computer? Or it just never pops up? Do you have any other firewalls on your windows machine that may be blocking your connectionn? Did you make sure your network was set as home, not public? Also, try the next episode where I discuss AllShare Play. I am realizing that AllShare Play works great at home.

  15. Mike, When I try to connect via wifi to stream to the Note II, i get error messages. My phone sees my computer on the network, and I believe i have all the sharing enabled possible on both devices. When trying to do it via UPnPlay I get the message: "STatus 500: Internal Server Error, Error 500 Action Failed.

  16. I think I have just found out what to do !!!! There is a little triangle at the bottom of the upper box – I did not know it was clickable – it opens a list of all the languages ! PHEW ! I think I *will* be OK !!! Ya-HEY !

  17. When you first boot a Note II – how does it decide what language to present on the initial Welcome Screen ? I imported my device from Hong Kong and the only word on the first screen that is in English is "Talkback" – the rest is in an Asian script that I assume is a form of Chinese. I have read some websites that mention AUTOMATED language detection. If I put a UK English Sim Card in this will it boot in English ?

  18. Thanks for the reply! do u know when is comming out in the US? i am loving the note 2! i am sure you are too… best smartphone so far hands down. love ur videos! KEEP THEM COMING!

  19. Thanks for this very informative video. now I can enjoy my movies in my phone from my laptop and vice versa. I hope you can also make a video on how to use the allshare play 'coz im planning to buy a samsung smart tv. thanks in advance!

  20. Dear mike, thank you for the videos you upload. They are very useful. Sir, can you make a video on Samsung Codes for getting the device info!? Also, a video for internet speed! Regards,

  21. hmmm interesting, i actually dont quite DLNA. i tried using it when i first got my phone and the setup was a bit hard. but anyways i dont use it much i and stays in the category of features i dont use. I still prefer airplay which is simple and easy.

  22. Haha. Point noted. But you know, I'm a lover of everything stock and OEM. If you look at my car, my phone, and my computer, I actually love the default look. I've had that windows 7 background for 4 years now, and I still think it looks good. I've tried changing into some scenic pictures, and it wasn't good.

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