Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Full Review

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Here it is my full review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Is the Galaxy Note 2 a worthy upgrade from the original Galaxy Note? Watch the review to find out. Please thumbs up, comment and subscribe.

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  1. I have not had hands on experience with the Xperia Z but the best way for you to decide is to first look at the Note 2. Do you really need that extra large screen and the S-Pen. Those are the main features to take in to account when purchasing the Note 2. The Xperia Z is waterproof and has a 1080p screen topped off with Sony's Bravia Engine that they incorporate into their TV's. My advice would be to go for the HTC One or wait for the Galaxy S4 to be released. It will last you longer.

  2. Can you zoom pictures with setting two fingers on screen and tilting the phone. It is used on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 🙂 Thank you anyway…great video and I'v ordered my own Note II yesterday 🙂

  3. That's great 🙂 I've tried to test it in store, but its hard to get a real feel when the phones attached to a big clunky security lock. Also, is there a way to turn on the function, double space = full stop like on iPhone?

  4. Samsungs keyboard is good as it is very nicely spaced and also allows you to use swype. What kills it though is the auto correction. Samsung's auto correction is terrible but you can easily resolve this by installing a third party keyboard from the Play store.

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