Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 vs Redmi Note 3 Pro Review

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Ultimate comparison of Galaxy J7 2016 vs Redmi Note 3 Pro in camera, performance and benchmark, battery, and pricing review.

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22 Comments on Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 vs Redmi Note 3 Pro Review

  1. Sayang ang f/1.9 aperture ni J7, Samsung could've improve with it like what Xiaomi did with mi4i's amazing f/1.8 aperture.
    Sayang din ang pagbump ng camera ni Redmi Note 3 Pro to 16 MP tapos Dual ISP pa, then f/2.0 lang aperture.
    But overall, RN3P still trumps way better than J7 (except for the front facing camera where j7 obviously wins).
    Sana may manufacturer na magrelease ng phone na 16 MP , Dual ISP and f/1.9 or f/1.8 in the same price range. Nkakamiss camera ni Mi4i.

  2. Nice comparison….. great video, I love how the quality of your content has greatly improved with time. Will be keeping more tabs to see more comparison videos especially those involving the redmi note 3 pro.

  3. video quality very clear. graphics and color scheme in presentation very professional. voice over presentation :to my liking and getting used to your accent and pronunciation. non the less great review. as always i like you no matter what. cheers

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