Samsung Galaxy J5 vs iPhone 6 – Full Comparison HD

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Samsung Galaxy J5 vs iPhone 6 – Full Comparison HD. The Galaxy J5 features a 5-inch display, quad-core Snapdragon 410 humming at 1.2GHz, a gigabyte and half of RAM, 8GB of storage for both the OS and your precious files. Fortunately, a microSD card slot is also a part of the feature mix. At the back, there’s a 2,600mAh battery as well as a 13MP camera, complemented by a 5MP one at the front of the Galaxy J5.

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28 Comments on Samsung Galaxy J5 vs iPhone 6 – Full Comparison HD

  1. I love iPhones but atm they're getting way too expensive so I think I'll give the samsung galaxy j5 a try… And the camera quality is like the most important thing in a phone for me so thanks for making this video I didn't know j5 has a better camera than iPhone 6 but now I know so I'm definitely going to try that since it's so much cheaper. Thank you again for this video it was really helpful!

  2. I'd like to point out that Galaxy J5 is supported by a RAM of 1.5 GB and that isn't the same as for Iphone6 as you said.Try keeping the facts straight when doing comparisons next time.

  3. j5 camera is not good and i really don't like the fact that android don't let you move most apps to sd card, now i'm stuck with an annoying 8 gb storage even though i have a 32 gb external sd card. Seriously! i am so annoyed i think all phones must have an internal storage of 16gb at least! i might just get a new phone.

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