Samsung Galaxy GS7 vs S7 edge – Which One Is Better?

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Samsung Galaxy GS7 vs S7 edge
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13 Comments on Samsung Galaxy GS7 vs S7 edge – Which One Is Better?

  1. Both of these devices are awesome , but in my opinoin i would get the S7 not the S7 edge . i curently have the S6 edge and i never use the edge features on it . i don't think it is worth the extra bucks .

  2. Tried the Edge first and then traded In for the regular S7.  Here's what I like better about it: 1) Most obvious is the easier-to-use size.  I love being able to do everything one-handed.  I also think, judging from Apple's release of the iPhone SE, that the new trend is to go with a slightly smaller phone.   2) I'm a heavy user of Samsung's Gear VR headset, and the S7 works better with it.  The Edge is almost too large and makes it feel unwieldy, sometimes even falling out….. plus the curved display lets in some light.  3) I don't like the way I kept accidentally activating things on the curved edge.  4) For my devices, I noticed that the larger Edge phone, when placed on my wireless charger, I usually had to adjust it to just the right position or the charging would not begin.  With the S7, no tweaking is needed….just lay it on there and it begins.  5) I discovered that I can install a third-party sidebar that works as well on my S7 as the Edge's included edge bar.  6) Whereas with last year's Edge, the curved screen grabbed people's attention, I've notice that on both of this year's devices, the thing that grabs people is the "always on" calendar, which looks great against the gold phone.  No curved glass necessary.

  3. I didn't even consider the edge at first just because I knew I wanted a not so big phone. But after research I ended going for the more compact Edge, and I'm so glad I did!
    In a perfect world I'd like to have this battery life on a smaller phone thats in between the s7 and s7 edge :P. Since that's my only wish, I'm impressed! Heck, I'll be fine with the phone size if they manage to put even a single front facing speaker at the top. I noticed my old galaxy S3 has a smaller top bezel so its possible.

  4. I chose the S7 edge and glad I did. Love the larger screen and battery life. And now that I've had the phone for 3 weeks I find myself using the edge panel more than before. Well worth the $100 imo.

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