Samsung Galaxy Fame Tips and Tricks

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The Samsung Galaxy Fame is a fantastic compact little Android device. We’ve put together a few handy hints to help you get the most out of it. Head to for more information.

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  1. Had the cell over a year and as basic abilities go I researched and acquired it for the flash and radio functionality. I use it as a on the go video player a lot. Calling performs well. My model the s6812b, was one of two models i was offered, a bit more expensive but the dual sim allowed to place two inside, effectively working with two service providers. This user is not one to carry two cells around.
    One caveat – the internal memory filled with apps, not helped when fb would save save the messages on the cell, be nice were developers to allow saving those to external SD card. 

  2. Hey fucker tour phone is so much fuck
    All of my favorite game won't load in this hell phone
    So mant hanging
    Force ro quit while gaming
    Ro rhe people who wants to buy this I told you this phone could be the fuck phone in the univers
    To the developer of this phone come to my house and I punch you a million times

  3. Although we can't confirm first hands, the Galaxy Fame should theoretically be able to run Snapchat based on Android version and specs. Hope this helps.

  4. I dont know what Armv7 is but Ill tell you where to get it and how much it was and yeah… got mine from corr wireless. And it was $24 ollars with a 2 year cntract, wihich means we had to sign a contract that says we have to pay the minthly payment which is $50.

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