Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) VS Sony Xperia Z5 – Speed & Camera Test!

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Performance comparison between New Galaxy A5 (2016) and Sony Xperia Z5!

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46 Comments on Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) VS Sony Xperia Z5 – Speed & Camera Test!

  1. samsung without many apps is fast no doubt but if you have like 10 e mail accounts, 76 apps , two sims cards, i want to se how samsung does. samsung is alwas slower than zony. Samsung is always with lags only new is good.

  2. 搞不懂…一堆老外都喜歡拿兩個不同層級的手機來做測試….
    這是要比洨喔? 你他媽尾數一樣就能比?

  3. Sony will be more of a beast when the 6.0 Marshmallow comes to all Xperia devices. It will defeat even iPhone and Samsung, as well as others such as LG and HTC. So for those people who are complaining that the Z5's camera is bad, learn first how to use a Sony camera properly. Cameras are made and meant to be learned, it's not the camera who will adjust to us. If you do the same thing, you'll get the best out of your camera. Even the Z2 is a beast and the fact that it will also receive the Marshmallow, it will be hell of a beast in performance. It might not be as competitive as the newer flagships but considering its age, it maintains its power, or even improve it further.

    For those who are saying that Samsung is better, that's just because they are now catching up. And if you still don't know, the Xperia Z6 is actually expected to be released in between June and October. That would be a beast because there are some rumours that it will come with a new design with killer specs

  4. The colours of the pohotos still seems cooler compared to other phones, loading up previously taken photos still slow, zoom still lots of noise on the Z5. Has there been any updates since?

  5. can you compare galaxy a5 2016 to xperia z5 compact (speed and camera) please? they cost about the same in my country (379€ for a5 and 399€ for z5c) and i want to know which one is better

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