Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) VS iPhone 6S – Speed & Camera Comparison!

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26 Comments on Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) VS iPhone 6S – Speed & Camera Comparison!

  1. Nice review! I have a question should i get the A5 2016 or Huawei P8? I can get both at the same price but the P8 only exists as exibition model (basically the only ones left are the ones from the exibition shelves where everyone tries them). My main things in a phone are camera, display and performance (speed). Thanks!

  2. Ты блять пидорас ! хули ты первее на айфон жмешь
    Аплдрочер сука! пидор хуйня обзор и а5 ты позже включил ты мудааааак

  3. IOS is optimised for the shittest proccesors ever.If iPhone 6S have Android,that was piece of shit.Even IOS apps are lighter than android ones.So we could say that A5 is better

  4. A small difference in app opening is negligible. The OS, the features, the camera, the screen, and of course the looks is what makes people decide which phone to buy. Does anybody buy an iPhone because the messenger in iPhone 6S is faster by 1.2 seconds? I doubt that…All the major features in this test is clearly won by the 40% cheaper A5 (2016). A5 screen is much superior with a Super AMOLED 5.2 inch Full HD 424 PPI pixel density (much sharper and superior color) vs. the Apple 6S' 4.7 inch 326 PPI pixel density IPS screen. The A5 also takes the camera section, obviously seen in this comparison, both photos and videos. The build quality of both phones are great, so I guess that would depend on one's taste and is purely subjective. So yeah, the A5 (2016) is an obvious better buy if you ask me.

  5. I was waiting for connecting to WiFi comparsion … My son has 49Euro Samsung Gio and wife has iPhone5 and when you connect them to WiFi, it's like Samsung … "BAM" connected, and then iPhone (first it takes forever to even find the WiFi ) …. connecting …… connecting …… connecting …… BAM. And i mean it takes forever if you think it money wise. 49Euro VS 500Euro.

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