Rundown: LG G5 vs HTC 10 vs Samsung Galaxy S7

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Within the last two months, three of the most anticipated devices of the year were announced. LG, HTC, and Samsung all have their flagships ready to go to war in 2016.

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  1. Too early to make the comparison.. the HTC 10 is still running pre-release software, that has been updated several times since ppl started reviewing them, in particular also the camera (which is a good thing.)

  2. Hey man. I have the HTC M7. I got it in 2013. I had to replace the original because some chocolate got into the front speakers Christmas 2014. I have been impressed with the phone up til the time that the replacement that they sent me started to run hot every time i'm on the internet or the battery life drains quickly because I'm on the internet. Is battery life and heat problems a known problem with HTC brand. Does SAMSUNG have that problem? Every time I text now there is a 3-5 second delay on my HTC when the word is spelled out. Now the speakers aren't that loud. I'm starting to think that its time to get a new phone. I tend to be an active person: swimming, running, sweating, walking, multitasking, jumping, etc. Im also a teacher so I tend to spend time on my phone when the little brats are doing their work. I go to school at night also and I look up school info on my phone. The M7 was my first smart phone. I like the brand but how does HTC M10 stack up to the new S7?  EDGE? I really wish HTC would have made their M10 water resistant as well.

  3. Man you are obviously an HTC fan, as you are bias towards the HTC in almost every statement, but the fact is that the s7 is the best device of the three, and the s7 edge is even better.

  4. I Had a Blackberry Z10, I have always had Blackberry's. I'm a Electrical Engineer, the Z10 I had it three years, love it ( 1 the camera was the out standing feature 2 the secure apps, and some on. But Blackberry stop making removable battery, and that's no,no. Blackberry has lost me and others in the market, I have compared the same phone you just demo, And purchase the LG G5, I know that the G5 wins and love the friends that comes with too.

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