Robots Will Feel Pain, Someday in the Future

Robots Will Feel Pain, Someday in the Future

In this modern 21st century, there are highly sophisticated and advanced robots capable of carrying out various tasks similar to what we (humans) can perform. For integrating something more unique and revolutionary, engineers are now trying to teach robots to feel pain. Are robots going to feel abrupt electrical impulses as their metal exoskeleton comes into contact with an external entity?

As robots will slowly start to learn feeling pain, it shall instill greater coherency between us and robots. Slowly, as the robots will finally be able to comprehend the concept of pain, this man-made chunk of metal with electrical circuit board planted inside can automatically detect threat or danger and avoid it.

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Johannes Kuehn from Leibniz University of Hannover in Germany who stated that,

“Pain is a system that protects us; when we evade from the source of pain, it helps us not get hurt.”

For turning his given statement into reality, Mr. Kuehn along with his fellow colleague has agreed to design an “artificial robot nervous system.” In order to make this concept work, the bot needs to feel all the sources of pain to figure out the most appropriate reactions followed by feeling the pain.

So far, minimal pain causes a robotic arm to twitch slightly until the pain recedes entirely. In case of greater damages, a robot will automatically shut down until its human operator decides to reboot its system.

Humans and robots will be cooperating in the future; therefore according to their belief, by teaching a robot to feel pain will also enable it to detect presence of threats nearby leading it to notify others (us) working in a same place.

This project is still a work in progress with one of its research papers already submitted to the IEEE. Sooner or later, their improvisations will lead to the creation of ultimate robots of the future!


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